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4 Signs That Your Aircon Requires A Gas Top Up

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Whether you have a residential or commercial aircon, you should make sure that your aircon installation is mounted properly and undergoes proper maintenance. Otherwise, it could encounter problems that will warrant extensive aircon repairs. Among the ways of servicing your aircon is by having it undergo an aircon gas top-up from time to time.

An aircon gas top-up can restore a faulty aircon to its former state much like an aircon chemical overhaul. Some indications that an aircon gas top-up is required for your unit include the following:


Insufficient Cooling


One significant indicator that your unit may need an aircon gas top-up is when your aircon is not cold enough or is unable to distribute enough cold air. This often occurs due to severely low levels of refrigerant. Remember that when your installed aircon does not have enough refrigerant, it experiences great difficulty in cooling the warm air it receives from the outside.

It is well known that engaging an aircon maintenance company to refill your unit with enough gas can restore its cooling capabilities. By doing this, therefore, you will be able to guarantee that your home feels refreshing and comfortable once again.


Aircon Water Leakages


An HDB aircon or office aircon may experience damaged refrigerant lines if it lacks proper maintenance. Eventually, this damage can also result in serious aircon water leakage. It is necessary to refill the aircon gas through an aircon gas top up once you have the refrigerant lines repaired via an aircon repair. By doing so, you can guarantee that your aircon can provide you with cool air at an efficient rate.


Costly Power Bills

Normally, office or HDB aircon installations should not consume more power than the required standard. However, if you feel your unit is causing an unusual increase in your electricity bills, then an aircon gas top-up may need to be performed. Aircons that face difficulty in releasing enough cool air tend to consume more energy which causes a sudden spike in power bills. In order to ensure that you have enough aircon energy savings, ask an air conditioning service to refill your malfunctioning aircon unit’s gas levels as soon as you can.


Frozen Refrigerant Lines


Aircon gas leaks that result in low refrigerant levels do not only reduce an aircon’s ability to cool absorbed air. In truth, it can also cause the unit’s refrigerant lines to become frozen as well. When refrigerant levels diminish unexpectedly, the pressure inside the refrigerant lines also decreases as well. This then leads to a drop in the unit’s temperature levels which then results in ice building up on the refrigerant lines.

It is not advisable to try and thaw frozen refrigerant lines by yourself. Rather, it is better to have an aircon servicing company troubleshoot your aircon’s issues and conduct an aircon gas top-up. This will ensure that your unit functions once more without experiencing any additional problems. 



Contact Everyworks Singapore to perform an aircon gas top-up in case your aircon is experiencing low gas levels. Our professional and experienced team of technicians can refill your unit with sufficient gas so that it can work optimally once more. Check our price list for a full overview on our servicing costs. 

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