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5 Common Misconceptions On Aircon Gas Top Up

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Aircon gas top up refers to refilling an aircon unit’s refrigerant levels to restore its ability to distribute cold air. Although this plays a vital role in regular aircon servicing, many fail to understand its importance. As a result, they end up experiencing many common aircon issues. In order to prevent these and for your aircon to last a long time, take note of these five aircon gas top up misconceptions:


#1 – Air Conditioners Don’t Require A Gas Top Up

It’s estimated that around 60% of Singaporeans fail to conduct proper maintenance on their installed aircons. Many even believe that doing an aircon gas top up isn’t required and that their units are bound to last a long time without having said service done. Because of this, various aircon issues take place such as an aircon leak.

If you have a residential or office aircon, make sure to have it undergo an aircon gas top up from time to time.

#2 – Aircon Gas Top Ups Are Easy To Do


Some Singaporeans who believe that an aircon gas top up is necessary mistakenly think of it as an easy process. As such, they end up doing it on their own and cause even further damage to their unit.

An aircon gas top up requires heavy amounts of time and skill and needs to be done using the right equipment. Moreover, it needs to be conducted carefully in order to avoid damaging components such as the compressors, evaporators, and even the refrigerants themselves. So if you feel that your aircon requires a gas top up, contact a professional aircon maintenance company to assist you.

#3 – Aircon Gas Top Ups Don’t Enhance Efficiency

A number of aircon owners don’t realize that gas top ups can make their installed aircons more efficient. As a matter of fact, they ensure that your compressors and refrigerants work as needed so that your unit can perform properly. So if you think that your aircon isn’t functioning as needed, engage an aircon servicing company so they can perform a gas top up done immediately.

#4 – Aircon Gas Top Ups Don’t Decrease Energy Usage

Because aircons consist of so many electrical parts, many believe that doing gas top ups won’t help reduce their energy usage. On the contrary, aircon gas top ups can help you avoid high electricity bills since they prevent issues such as aircon leaks. So if you have a unit that you think consumes too much power, contact a company specializing in professional aircon servicing to have a gas top up done.

#5 – Aircon Gas Top Ups Are An Expensive Service

Those without a proper understanding of aircon maintenance think that aircon gas top ups are costly to do. However, these are actually really affordable as compared to most home maintenance services. Thus, you don’t have to spend much no matter how many times you contact aircon services to conduct them on your installed aircon.




After exploring some aircon gas top up misconceptions, you can now have one done on your unit so that it remains durable for the long term. For best results, contact a reputable aircon service provider like Everyworks Singapore. We can help ensure that your aircon unit undergoes the best servicing so that you can have a cool and refreshing atmosphere. For more information, you can try viewing our price list.


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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Singapore.

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