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Different Kinds Of Electrical Outlets Around The World

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When it comes to electrical outlets or power sockets, it’s important to note that many different countries use different types. Furthermore, power sockets differ in terms of how much voltage they require as well as their normal frequency.

Not knowing what power sockets there are in the areas you visit might cause you great inconvenience. For one, you might end up bringing products with cables and adapters that aren’t compatible. Gadgets that you charge might also end up experiencing electrical wiring damage or even a voltage overload.

In order to prevent you from experiencing any electrical problems when using an installed power socket in another country, here’s a list of electrical outlets around the world.


Electrical Outlets Used Around The World

Type G Power Socket


The most common type of electrical socket in Singapore is the type G socket. It also has a standard voltage of 230V and a normal frequency of 50 Hz. Because it was designed by some British electrical engineers, it is compatible with any light switches or electrical appliances made in the UK. In addition, it is also the primary power socket type in many other Asian, European, and African countries.


Type C Power Socket


Another common socket type is the type C socket which uses 2.5 A of electrical current and contains two pins. Certain devices such as plug-in light installations might require an adapter in order to be used with this specific socket. Moreover, they need to be used carefully since type C plugs aren’t grounded.


Type A Power Socket


In Canada, Mexico, Japan, and the United States, a type A power socket is commonly used. Its counterpart plug contains 2 pins, is not grounded, and has a standard voltage of 100 – 127 volts. Moreover, it has the capacity to transport a current level of 15A.


Type B Power Socket


Another type of power socket used in the countries mentioned previously is the type B socket. This is compatible with type B plugs which are considered much safer to use since they’re grounded. That said, they contain 100 – 127 watts of voltage and can transport an electrical current of 15A just like type A plugs.


Type D Power Socket


In India, people generally make use of a type D power socket which is mainly compatible with a type D plug. This plug contains a standard voltage of 220 to 240V and can transport an electric current level of 5A. Moreover, it is also compatible with type C, E, and F power sockets.


Type E Power Socket


In certain European countries like Belgium, Poland, and France, the type E power socket is mainly used. This is mainly compatible with appliances and light switches with a type E plug. Said plug has a standard voltage capacity of 220 to 240 volts and contains 2 pins. Moreover, it is grounded and can transport an electric current of 16A.


Type I Power Socket


The last power socket type on this list is the type I socket which is mainly compatible with house light switches and appliances with a type I plug. This contains either two or three pins and can transport a current level of 10A. Furthermore, it has a standard voltage of 220 to 240V. It is also primarily used in countries such as New Zealand, China, Australia, and some South American countries including Argentina.



Now that you’re familiar with the various power sockets used around the world, you can now make sure to bring the proper electrical devices or adapters on your trips abroad. But if you continue to experience difficulty, you can try purchasing a universal electrical adapter instead. That way, you don’t have to worry about electrical issues such as a power trip taking place.


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