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Benefits Of An Aircon Chemical Overhaul

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Most people have an air conditioner installed in order to have a cooler and more comfortable environment. That said, proper aircon cleaning and maintenance is necessary in order to keep your unit working for a long time. One way to do this is through an aircon chemical overhaul.


List of Aircon Chemical Overhaul Benefits


An aircon chemical overhaul is considered one of the most effective solutions available for common aircon issues. These include aircon water leaks, unusual noises, lack of ventilation, aircon not being cold enough, and component damage. Other benefits of having a chemical overhaul done on your aircon include the following:

  1. Ensures That All Parts of The Aircon Work Properly

When doing an aircon chemical overhaul, aircon maintenance companies never forget to thoroughly examine all components. That way, it’s ensured that no other common aircon issues are present and that any damaged parts are quickly replaced.

  1. Reduces The Risk of Corrosion

Having an aircon chemical overhaul done also helps reduce the risk of corrosion. By preventing your aircon from rusting quickly, it decreases the chances of other aircon problems like an aircon leak occurring.

  1. Makes Your Aircon Look Brand New

An aircon chemical overhaul involves thorough washing of aircon parts and removing all signs of dirt and dust. As such, having it done on your unit can help improve your aircon’s appearance and make it look brand new.

  1. Ensures That Aircon’s Refrigerant Levels Are Enough

Another benefit of an aircon chemical overhaul is the fact that the refrigerants are inspected. Besides washing aircon parts, most air conditioning services also make sure that the unit contains enough refrigerant levels. If the unit’s refrigerant levels are too low, it might experience difficulty in distributing enough cold air thereby making the aircon not cold enough.

  1. Prevents Further Air Conditioner Damage

Most aircon emergencies are caused by dirt buildup. These include water leaks, chemical leaks, and drainage clogging. Fortunately, having an aircon chemical overhaul done can help resolve these problems. So feel free to opt for this service in case you experience any major problems with your aircon.


How Much Does An Aircon Chemical Overhaul Cost?


Now that you’re aware of the many benefits of an aircon chemical overhaul, you can now have one performed on your unit without any concerns. But exactly how much does an aircon chemical overhaul cost?

A chemical overhaul involves washing the whole installed aircon using special chemicals. Afterward, these chemicals are rinsed with chemical solvents so that no liquid remains on any components. The specific chemicals used on the aircon as well as their brands can affect the price of the overall service. How many parts the aircon contains is a significant factor as well. At Everyworks Singapore, we estimate the cost for our aircon chemical overhaul service based on the BTU rating of the installed aircon. As such, you can avail of a more affordable price compared to other service providers.

When it comes to how a chemical overhaul process is conducted for a residential or commercial/industrial aircon, our servicemen follow certain procedures. First, a careful inspection and cleaning of the home or office aircon’s air filter and the front panel are done. Pressure is released after the evaporator coil and drainage tray are confirmed to be in good condition. Once the compressor of the installed aircon has also been confirmed to function properly, the filter is examined, deodorized, and then purified.



If you think that your installed aircon needs to undergo an aircon chemical overhaul, contact Everyworks Singapore to help you out. Our servicing technicians can ensure that every vital part of your aircon is cleaned so it can get working again. For more information on our aircon servicing, feel free to check our price list.


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