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Things to Consider When Having an HDB Aircon Installation Done

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As is the case with a commercial aircon, how well an HDB aircon performs depends on whether it is properly installed. Take note that you need to follow certain guidelines when getting an aircon installation done for your HDB flat to enable your unit to work correctly. Some of these guidelines consist of the following:


Confirm The Electrical Supply Rating For Your Home

In contrast to other home appliances, an aircon installation would typically need a large amount of electricity to function. However, if your electrical supply is unable to satisfy your unit’s energy consumption rate, you might end up experiencing major electrical issues. Therefore, before having an HDB aircon installation performed, be sure to verify your home’s electrical supply rating. Take note that most HDB flats built before 1994 have a 30 amperes supply rating. Most apartments developed after 1994, on the other hand, can handle a total electrical load of up to 40 amperes.


Check That You Have A Socket for Your Outdoor Unit


Never forget to verify if your home has a power socket where you can plug in your outdoor unit to ensure that your entire aircon system can function correctly. Besides that, check whether your socket’s rating is sufficient enough to provide enough power for your unit. Some flats have an aircon ledge for outdoor units and have a matching socket mounted beside it. For others, an electric outlet might be installed by the window. 

If you are unable to locate an outlet for your outdoor unit, you might need to have additional wiring installed to allow your installed HDB aircon to work properly.


Visibility of Your Aircon


No matter what your aesthetic reasons are, you should never install your HDB aircon in an area where it lacks visibility, Otherwise, its airflow can be reduced which can cause many long-term aircon emergencies. You will be able to ensure that your unit works correctly and that you are supplied with enough cool air by making sure that it is mounted in a large and open area.


Check That You Have No Hotspots

As per the laws of science, cold air tends to sink as it has a higher amount of mass whereas warm air tends to rise. For this reason, it is safer to get your HDB aircon installed in a spot where it is mounted high up. That way, you can cool your home as widely as possible so that you can feel refreshed regardless of what area you are in. Take note that installing your aircon closer to the floor can result in the formation of hotspots which might lead you to be uncomfortably warm.


Make Sure If Your Installed Unit Is Functioning Properly


Once your technician has completed the installation for your HDB aircon, be sure to examine it as closely as possible to confirm that no common aircon issues are present. Your unit should be able to disperse air freely and it should also have a long enough gas pipe and condensate pipe to prevent aircon leaks. In order for you to avoid losing aircon energy savings, it should also be well insulated. Its outdoor unit should also be properly installed to ensure that there is enough space for cleaning.



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