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5 Ways You Can Solve Your Aircon Leaking Water Problems

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An aircon water leak can happen due to many possible reasons. Whatever the cause, be sure to address this problem quickly to prevent any further damage to your installed aircon. In order to determine the cause of your aircon water leakage, it is best to call an aircon servicing company to resolve your aircon water leak problem for you. In case you experience difficulty contacting one, however, here are some methods you can try to resolve it on your own.  


Replace Your Aircon Filters 


The evaporator coils often freeze when there is an accumulation of dirt in the air filter since this prevents it from having enough airflow. This could eventually cause serious damage to the coil and other parts of the aircon which might warrant their replacement. To easily fix this, it is best to replace your air filters in case they accumulate too much dirt.


Change Your Drain Pan

Should you detect cracks on your drain pan, you can simply use some sealant to cover them. However, if your unit is rather old and the drain pan is quite rusty and heavily dripping with water, replacing it completely might be the better option. Besides that, it is also a simpler and more affordable solution than replacing your aircon unit entirely.

It is recommended that you call an aircon maintenance company and seek assistance to ensure that your replacement drain pan is compatible with your unit. Otherwise, you might end up purchasing one that is either too big or too small. 


Clean Your Aircon’s Drain Line


One of the most common reasons why an aircon leak happens is a clogged condensate drain line. In many cases, this line becomes clogged over time with dirt, dust, mold, and even moisture. Fortunately, this problem has a number of relatively inexpensive fixes. You can simply remove the obstructions with a plumber’s snake or pour one to two cups of bleach or vinegar into the line every six months. Whatever DIY method you choose to perform, see to it that it clears the obstructions in your drain line so all aircon water leaks can be eliminated.


Change Your Aircon’s Condensate Pump

The condensate pump is a part of the unit which releases condensation water. When this fails to function properly, it can eventually cause a severe aircon water leak. In that case, you should have it replaced by a reputable aircon maintenance company.


Refill Your Aircon With Gas


If neither of the problems mentioned seems to be the cause of your aircon water leak issues, it is possible that your unit has low refrigerant levels. You can usually tell that this is the case when the aircon is not cold enough or releases a hissing or bubbling sound. In order to get this problem resolved, call a reputable aircon servicing company so they can check your unit’s refrigerant levels and, if necessary, perform an aircon gas top-up.


Call An Aircon Servicing Company


Water leakage from your aircon unit is something that requires urgent attention. Fortunately, our team of professional technicians at Everyworks Singapore has more than ten years of experience servicing various aircon systems. By calling us, you can ensure that your aircon water leak problems are resolved immediately.



When an aircon water leak occurs, the best thing to do is to resolve them is to inspect the unit and repair or replace any defective parts. Doing so will ensure that your installed aircon lasts a long time. In order for your aircon problems to be diagnosed quickly, contact a professional aircon servicing company such as Everyworks Singapore. Our seasoned team of experts will be able to recommend a number of solutions that are guaranteed to restore your aircon’s performance.


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