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5 Ways To Take Care of Your Electrical Installations In Singapore



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Knowing when you need an electrical repair and replacement is vital in maintaining your electrical installations at home. More often than not, Singapore homeowners tend to overlook the state of their electrical appliances such as their electrical switches and power sockets. As a result, some of them end up experiencing unexpected accidents, hazards, and electrical damage which will need to be fixed by an emergency electrician. In order for you to avoid these issues, here are some ways to maintain your electrical installations at home:


Replace Outdated Electrical Wiring


It is easy to disregard the electrical wiring in your home when all appliances seem to be working fine. However, you must also understand that electrical wiring has a certain lifespan. If not changed regularly, it may become faulty and can cause other electrical installations to become damaged as well. Outdated wiring is also subject to low electricity resistance, making it vulnerable to high surges of electricity when power trips occur. As a precautionary measure, have your electrical wiring checked by an EMA-licensed electrician regularly. 


Do Not Forget To Clean Your Electrical Appliances Regularly

Thorough cleaning is one of the methods that can help in preserving and maintaining your electrical installations and appliances. Installations like power sockets and light fixtures can accumulate dust and other particles as can appliances like your ceiling fan and aircon. To keep them all functioning, it is important to properly clean them as meticulously as possible. 

For appliances that require a liquid solution, the drying time should be properly determined to avoid electric shocks when the appliances are plugged in to a power source. Also, when dealing with devices that have screws and bolts, make sure that you have the proper tools to fasten and loosen them. Remember that these have to be properly secured back in place after they are cleaned to prevent electrical issues from happening. In case you lack the time to clean your electrical appliances, you can hire an affordable electrician in Singapore to do it for you.


Keep Your Electrical Appliances Cool


Most electrical devices emit heat when plugged into a power source. Frequently used devices, in particular, are often prone to overheating which can lead to severe electrical issues or decreased performance. Overheating can be avoided by following simple steps such as leaving the device exposed so the heat can escape from the device. Most devices or appliances also have manuals for proper care and maintenance which you can follow to make your device last longer. In case any of your devices experiences severe electrical problems, you can call an electrical contractor to troubleshoot your electrical issues for you. You can also have them perform any required electrical works so you can avoid suffering any accidents such as electric shocks. 


Regularly Inspect Your Electrical Appliances

Electrical safety hazards should be followed at all cost to prevent unwanted damage to your devices. As a precaution, you should also not ignore issues like sparking or heating. If needed, consult a professional electrician to do proper electrical troubleshooting so that any electrical issues you experience can be identified immediately and to prevent irreparable damage from taking place. Your circuit breaker and electrical wirings should also be checked regularly so you can confirm if they are functioning normally. However, since reading these devices requires some technical skills, it is advisable to let an electrician do it for you. 


Avoid Performing DIY Electrical Works


DIY troubleshooting with your electrical devices must be avoided especially if you do not have the proper skills and training to perform it. Half of Singapore homeowners attempt to do this with the success rate only reaching as high as 31%, meaning that less than half of the total attempts are successful. If you are considering performing DIY electrical troubleshooting nonetheless, you should consider the risks involved and the damage your appliances might end up incurring. In order for you to ensure your safety, It is better that you find a reliable electrical contractor with more experiencing in performing the electrical repairs you need. 



Proper care and maintenance should be given to your electrical installations and devices so they can last longer. In case of any signs of damage and malfunction, you should contact a reliable electrical service provider like Everyworks Singapore. We have years of experience in doing various electrical works and offer multiple electrical services at affordable prices


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