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Guide To Troubleshooting an Aircon That is Not Cold

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It can be frustrating when you experience that your aircon is not blowing cold air after coming from a long tiring day or when it just got installed which can make you worry. However, there can be a solution to it by having a contact with an aircon service provider. Hiring aircon experts can provide detailed information about your air conditioner unit like aircon issues, types of services for your aircon unit, or if your aircon needs an aircon chemical overhaul. They will also ensure that your unit will work and check for air conditioning issues and provide aircon repair servicing.

If you choose to do your own aircon servicing, here are some tips for troubleshooting your aircon unit and finding out why it is not blowing out cool air.


Check if Your Air Filters Are Clogged


One of the essential parts of your aircon unit is the aircon filters. These aircon filters work in preventing airborne particles from getting through the central cooling system of your unit. However, these aircon filters get blocked as well as disrupt your aircon vents becoming a reason why your aircon is not blowing cold air. Untreated blocked air filters can result in freezing the aircon unit’s evaporator coil. Keeping your air conditioner filter clean is a solution to this problem.


Inspect if Your Aircon Vents Are Closed or Clogged


Blocked air vents caused by your furniture, foreign objects, or curtains prevent the airflow in your aircon unit and leads  to repairing your air condition system.

Your aircon unit can be defective when the airflow of the unit is insufficient which may lead to blower motor problems resulting in freezing in the evaporator coil, or water leakage.

It is advisable to troubleshoot your aircon, check all installed vents inside your household/commercial area because these blocked air vents will cause more aircon issues aside from why it is not cold if left unrepaired.


Inspect If Your Aircon Compressor is Clogged

The engine of your air conditioning unit is the aircon compressor. This aircon compressor makes the unit cold and if it is damaged this can be a reason why your aircon is not cooling. The refrigerant, evaporator coils, and condenser coils work together. if these components are blocked it can result wherein the cooling cycle won’t start and will not blow cold air into the air conditioning unit.


Aircon Switches Should Be Turned Off

Most air conditioning units installed have switches that connect to the indoor and outdoor parts of the aircon unit. Check if these switches are turned on or not. Remember to check your aircon unit if they have a water safety button. This button helps to stop water leakage. If in case the aircon system is blocked, try clearing the water drain if it can help.


Tripped Circuit Breaker


Check your circuit breaker for an electrical defect. Usually, this circuit breaker gets damaged when there is a surge in electricity due to appliances at your home, coming from an external and lighting power grid. When this happens, your aircon unit might stop working efficiently and affect your energy savings.

Here are the steps to check your circuit breaker:

  • Locate the electrical panel in your household or commercial area and look for the circuit breaker.
  • If your panel is labeled, look for “Air conditioner” tab
  • If it is disconnected, try reconnecting it by switching it to “ON”
  • See if the aircon works again

If that works, your circuit breaker had been faulty at some point. If there is an aircon emergency at hand, please contact an aircon service professional.



Troubleshooting can help your air conditioner to work efficiently. By getting scheduled aircon maintenance, you can make sure that these aircon problems can be prevented ahead of time. Availing our services  at Everyworks aircon servicing SIngapore can ensure to make your aircon problem-free. If you are not in for doing a DIY aircon troubleshooting do not hesitate to hire our aircon repairman.


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