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6 Reasons to Choose Daikin Aircon to Install in Singapore

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In Singapore, there are numerous brands from which to purchase a residential or commercial aircon. One of the best-selling ones is Daikin, a Japanese brand that is highly popular among many consumers. In this article, we share six reasons why you should install their aircons in your home or office.


  • Daikin Aircons Are Japanese-made

Daikin is a company that originates from Osaka, Japan, and which has manufactured numerous aircon products for almost a century. Part of the reason why they remain one of the best aircon brands worldwide is the sense of innovation that goes into making their units. Furthermore, these are built with high-quality aircon parts thereby making them extremely reliable to use.


  • Daikin Aircons Are Very Convenient

One of the great things about Daikin aircons is that they can be used for various residential and commercial-related purposes. Whether you are trying to cool down your home, improve the air quality in your room, or increase workplace productivity, residential and office aircons from Daikin are guaranteed to fulfill your needs. In addition, you can use them for long periods of time since they require only a minimal amount of maintenance.


  • Daikin Is A Pioneer In The Aircon Industry









Daikin is known for having introduced a number of innovations in the aircon industry. For instance, they developed the world’s first commercial multi-split aircon system called the VRV. They are also responsible for creating Japan’s first package type aircon as well as the first residential unit to make use of R32 gas. As such, you can expect that both their inverter and non-inverter aircons are made against the highest standards and with functionality in mind.


  • Daikin Aircons Are Eco-friendly









In order to help alleviate the effects of climate change and global warming, most Daikin aircon units are eco-friendly. In fact, many of their premium-range models have garnered 5-ticks from the NEA which means they consume minimal amounts of energy to function. As mentioned, they also sell aircon units that are powered with sustainable R32 gas in order to avoid any ozone-depleting effects should an aircon gas leak occur.


  • Daikin Aircons Provides High Energy Savings

The fact that most Daikin aircons have 5 ticks from the NEA does not just mean that they are eco-friendly. Rather, it also makes them less likely to cause high power bills thereby providing you with much more aircon energy savings. By installing one, therefore, you can see to it that your home or office is provided with cool and refreshing air whilst ensuring that you have enough money for your other needs.


  • Daikin Aircons Are Highly Durable









Many unit sold by other aircon brands are known to be susceptible to common aircon issues. There are even those which become permanently damaged no matter how many aircon repairs they undergo. Fortunately, Daikin aircons are designed to withstand numerous types of aircon emergencies. In addition, they consist of first-rate components to enable them to function for a long time.



There are many reasons why you should install an aircon from Daikin. Besides being extremely convenient, they are very eco-friendly and provide lots of aircon energy savings. They are also designed to withstand numerous problems and consist of high-quality components, allowing them to function for long periods with minimal Daikin aircon problems. Moreover, the fact they are made by a Japanese company that has introduced many innovations to the aircon industry means that they are built with the highest standards and functionality in mind.

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