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Daikin Aircon Installation Guide

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Daikin aircons are among the most recommended home appliance products to install in your home or office. Unlike many other residential or commercial/industrial aircons, Daikin units are said to be highly reliable and excellent in terms of quality. Furthermore, they are highly recommended for those in search of a unit which does not require constant aircon repairs.

There are many other reasons for why you should install a Daikin unit. To help you, we have provided numerous lists and guidelines related to Daikin aircons. By exploring them, you will be able to set up your unit properly and minimize the risk of aircon issues occurring such as an aircon leak or aircon not cold problem.


Daikin Aircon Types

The following are three main types of Daikin aircons sold in Singapore:

  • Multi Split Aircon – This unit type enables you to run multiple outlets using only one compressor. As a result, you can adjust the temperature of each room individually.
  • Split System Aircon – This is divided into an inner and outer unit connected to each other. Unlike other home and office aircon systems, this does not require any ductwork and is relatively quiet and energy-efficient.
  • Ducted Aircon – This aircon type has the ability to cool an entire home using a series of ducts and a single fan coil unit installed in the home’s roof space.

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Where Should I Install My Daikin Aircon?

When installing a Daikin aircon, it is important to set it up in an area where it can distribute air freely. That way, you can actually feel the cold air being distributed evenly throughout your room. Ideal places include your living room, bedroom, and even your office or study room. If you are unsure where to place your aircon, feel free to engage air conditioning services,  who can provide professional advice.


Reasons For Installing A Daikin Aircon

  • Made In Japan: Like Mitsubishi aircons, Daikin aircons are Japanese-made. As such, they have the best quality in terms of performance and aesthetic design. Besides that, they are known to consist of the most convenient aircon features.
  • User-oriented: Whether they are installed as residential or office aircons, Daikin aircons are known to fulfill any aircon needs the user may have. As a result, they are considered extremely reliable.
  • Brand Name: Daikin is a long-time manufacturer of System 1 aircons to System 5 and is considered among the best. Due to their experience and expertise, their products are highly durable and are likely to serve your long-term needs.
  • Eco-friendliness: Unlike many other aircons, Daikin units use specially-made refrigerants to cool absorbed air. This eco-friendly technology helps to reduce harm to the environment.
  • Energy-efficiency: Daikin units require minimal amounts of power, even for maximum cooling. As such, you are likely to enjoy higher aircon energy savings once you decide to install them.
  • Durability: Daikin aircons are built with the most durable materials available. As a result, they are less likely to experience issues caused by poor durability such as component damage and aircon leaks. With regular cleaning and maintenance, Daikin aircons may used for long-term.


Popular Daikin Aircon Models


The following are among the most recommended aircon models from Daikin:

  1. System 1 Aircon – $97.00

Daikin (Inverter) – SYSTEM 1 AIRCON (RKS25GVMG / FTKS25DVM)

  1. System 2 Aircon (Smile series) – $2,095.00

Daikin Smile Series (Inverter) – SYSTEM 2 AIRCON (MKS50TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X2)

  1. System 3 Aircon (iSmile series) – $3,039.00

Daikin iSmile Series (Inverter) – SYSTEM 3 AIRCON (MKS80TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X3)

  1. System 4 Aircon (iSmile series) – $3,695.00

Daikin iSmile Series (Inverter) – SYSTEM 4 AIRCON (MKS80TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X3 / CTKS50TVMG)


Factors To Consider Before Installing A Daikin Aircon

Before you choose to install a Daikin aircon, it’s important to take note of these guidelines:

  1. Air Conditioner Type

One important step you should do before doing an aircon installation for a Daikin unit is to decide on which aircon type is most suitable for your home. For instance, you might want to buy a wall-mounted aircon with window units if you intend to use it in your bedroom. There are also portable aircons which you could use during long travels.











  1. Room Size

The power of the Daikin aircon you choose to install depends on the room where it is set up. If your room space happens to be small, you can opt for an aircon with a 5,000 BTU rating. But should you intend to set up a unit in a wider space such as the kitchen, choose one with a higher BTU rating instead.

  1. Electricity Costs

Although having more than one air conditioner installed from Daikin seems ideal, it is critical that you consider the costs for such a set up. Remember that just running one aircon frequently in a month could cost $150.00 in power bills.  If you do intend to proceed with a multiple aircon set-up however, try to choose units which allow you to enjoy high aircon energy savings.

  1. Additional Upgrades and Offers

Some aircons come with optional upgrades or offers when installed. Examples include warranties as well as maintenance and servicing packages. Whether you decide to avail them is up to you. Just take note that doing so can save you money for aircon repair works in case anything goes wrong with your installed aircon.

  1. Aircon Installation Services

Once you have decided on which Daikin aircon to buy, it’s best that you engage an aircon maintenance company to install it for you. That way, you can prevent aircon installation problems from taking place. Try seeking recommendations from friends and family when looking to engage an aircon service.

In case you prefer to install your unit yourself, keep in mind the following mistakes to avoid.


Mistakes To Avoid When Installing A Daikin Aircon

  • Failing To Check BTU

When it comes to aircons, the British Thermal Unit (BTU) measures how much energy an aircon requires to cool down a room. More often than not, many people make the mistake of installing aircons whose BTU ratings are too low for their space. As a result, they may encounter the common aircon not cold issue. Thus, make sure to check a unit’s BTU rating before buying it.

  • Installing Aircon In Wrong Place

Doing an HDB aircon installation in the wrong room can cause much discomfort. If the unit is set up in a cramped space, the air it distributes might prove too cold for you. Aircon damage can also occur if you install it in a wet area. By setting up your Daikin unit in the right place, you will be able to ensure that it provides the benefits you need.









  • Installing Thermostat In Wrong Place

The thermostat is a vital aircon component which allows you to adjust the aircon unit temperature. As such, you need to make sure it is set up in the right place. Installing the manual or programmable thermostat in direct sunlight can cause incorrect readings. Placing it in the hallways can also decrease its accuracy due to the restricted air flow.

Ideally, you should install your aircon thermostat in a central location with good air circulation. That way, you can ensure its readings are as accurate as possible.

  • Failing To Check For Leaks

Even when you have yet to do an aircon installation for your Daikin unit, it is vital that you check its components for any signs of damage, most especially the refrigerants. Should these incur any defects, you might end up experiencing aircon leaks once your unit has been installed. Thus, ensure that they are in the best condition before beginning the installation process.


Common Daikin Aircon Problems


Just like Mitsubishi and Panasonic aircons, Daikin aircons can experience the following problems if not installed or maintained properly:

  • Aircon Water Leaks

Maintaining clean aircon filters is important, as failing to regularly clean your Daikin aircon can cause dirt buildup inside it. When this happens, its pipes and evaporator coils can clog thereby causing an aircon water leak. As such, you should always ensure that your unit undergoes cleaning so that no foreign materials enter inside it.

  • Inability To Switch On and Off

If the aircon installation process for your Daikin unit is done incorrectly, its electrical wiring can incur significant damage. In that case, you’ll need licensed technicians to do a wiring repair or replacement.

  • Inability To Provide Adequate Air

If you feel that your installed aircon is not releasing the right amount of air at the proper temperature, your thermostat might be in need of reinstalling or repair. If not, check if your evaporator coils might be frozen due to dirt buildup. You will need to have your aircon cleaned should that be the case.

  • Refrigerant Leaks

Leaking refrigerants can occur due to cracked evaporator coils. Usually, this is manifested by a hissing sound which emits from the unit. Have an aircon repair done for your coils should you encounter this issue.

  • Noisy Aircon

Your Daikin aircon can start to emit loud noises if you fail to maintain it properly. Causes of such noises include, a clogged fan coil, a defective aircon blower, blocked condenser coils, and many others. To diagnose exactly what’s causing loud noises from your aircon, contact a company specializing in normal aircon servicing.


How To Properly Maintain Your Daikin Aircon

In order for your Daikin aircon to last a long time, here are some ways on how to maintain it properly:

  • Clean Your Aircon Filters Regularly









Aircon filters are an important component as they prevent dirt, smoke, and dust from entering the inside of your Daikin aircon. However, when residue on them accumulates, your aircon can begin to malfunction and even become unusable. To prevent these, you should always clean your aircon filters regularly using a soft brush and water.

  • Clean Your Fan Coil Regularly











Like aircon filters, fan coils are also considered as among the most important aircon parts to maintain. Once dirt accumulates on them, your newly bought aircon can stop functioning properly. So be sure to regularly clean them as well using mild soap and water.

  • Exterior Maintenance

Even if your Daikin aircon’s internal parts are working as needed, a dusty exterior can still be incredibly discomforting. Thus, in order to maintain your unit’s exterior appearance, clean off any dirt and dust on it using a cloth. By doing this, your System 1 or System 4 aircon can retain its polished appearance.



Why Should I Have My Daikin Aircon Replaced or Repaired?

All Daikin aircons require regular maintenance in order to work properly. If not, they can experience common aircon issues such as an aircon leak or loud noises which will require them to be fixed or changed entirely.

What Are The Signs That My Daikin Aircon Isn’t Working Properly?

In order to have your Daikin aircon serviced immediately, take note of the following symptoms of a needed aircon repair:

  • Inability To Blow Out Cold Air – Your aircon might be unable to distribute enough cold air due to a defective capacitor or compressor
  • Gas Pipe Leaks – These usually have a strong odor and usually happen when the aircon’s gas piping becomes damaged.
  • Water Leaks – Aircon water leaks are often caused by dirt buildup and usually manifest as puddles in front or behind the aircon unit.


  • Aircon Automatically Turns Off – Not servicing your aircon regularly can cause it to overheat due to dirt buildup. In that case, the unit might automatically shut off to prevent further damage. If you feel that your aircon has undergone enough cleaning, check if your thermostat might be defective.
  • Blinking Lights – One sign that your aircon might be malfunctioning is if its lights start to blink. This can be due to a faulty compressor, low coolant levels, electrical issues, or dirty air filters.
  • Compressor Stops Working – If you feel that your aircon is not cold enough, it is likely that your compressor has stopped working. This can be due to damage in the start relay, capacitor, valves and terminal wires.
  • Foul Odor – Another sign that you need an aircon repair done is if your air conditioner smells. Usually, this is caused by mouldy ductwork or burnt electrical wiring.


Types Of Aircon Repairs Available









Once you have identified what kind of aircon issue you are experiencing, you can opt for the following aircon repairs:

  • Aircon Leak Repair – In case your Daikin aircon starts leaking water or refrigerant and an aircon gas top up proves futile, you can opt for this type of repair.
  • Compressor Repair/Replacement – In order for your Daikin aircon to properly distribute cold air once more, have your compressor repaired or replaced by an experienced technician if it sustains damage.
  • Fan Motor Repair/Replacement – To ensure Daikin aircon’s compressor doesn’t overheat, it is essential that you have its fan motor repaired or replaced if it gets damaged. Otherwise, your entire unit might be unable to distribute enough cold air.
  • Circuit Board Repair/Replacement – Should your Daikin unit stop working due to a sudden rise in voltage, damaged wiring, or short circuit, immediately have the aircon’s circuit board repaired or replaced


  • Capacitor Repair/Replacement – If your Daikin aircon’s fan motor appears to be in good condition but fails to start, you might have a problem with your capacitor. In that case, have an aircon repair or replacement done on it as quickly as possible to avoid blown fuses, sudden shutdowns, and humming sounds from your aircon.
  • Thermistor Repair/Replacement – Thermistors help the Daikin aircon unit to adjust its temperature properly. So have it undergo an aircon repair or replacement in case it gets defected.


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