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5 Tips to Care for Your Mitsubishi Aircon

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Due to the year-round tropical climate, aircon installations are a common need in many residential and commercial spaces in Singapore. Fortunately, there are many aircon brands to purchase from, with Mitsubishi being among the most prominent. If you are one of those who has a residential or commercial aircon from Mitsubishi installed, it is important to know how to take care of it properly. Otherwise, it might experience issues which will require extensive aircon repairs.


Clean The Condenser









A condenser is essentially an outdoor unit that serves to turn refrigerant gas into a liquid. When this incurs too much dirt, the unit may become unable to distribute cold air. In order to prevent this problem, therefore, be sure to clean the condenser’s various components regularly including the fins, filters, drain tube, and drain port. This will ensure that your Mitsubishi aircon does not malfunction and overheat.


Clean The Air Filters











For any residential or commercial unit, one of the most important aircon parts to maintain are the air filters. Although these serve to block airborne particles from entering the installed aircon, the dirt and dust which they collect can build up over time. As such, they need to be cleaned routinely as failing to do so can cause an aircon water leak to take place.


Inspect Your Evaporator Coils

Another important step to take when caring for your Mitsubishi aircon is to check the evaporator coils regularly. These are meant to facilitate the conversion of warm air absorbed by the refrigerant into cool air. When they are left uncleaned, however, the coolant becomes unable to evaporate which causes the unit to release warm air. At other times, they can also freeze and cause a water leak when other major parts of the aircon are not properly maintained. Thus, be sure to inspect them regularly to make sure your commercial or HDB aircon installation functions normally.


Always Turn Off Your Aircon When Necessary

This might seem like a basic rule to adhere to when caring for any unit. However, many people actually end up causing damage to their Mitsubishi aircon installation by leaving it to run when departing their home or workplace. When this happens, it can end up overworking, causing aircon not cold issue. Your power bills might even increase significantly as well. Thus, always be sure to disable your unit when it is not in use to save costs and to ensure that it continues to work properly.


Always Check Your Refrigerant Levels

As mentioned previously, the refrigerant absorbs heat which is eventually released by the aircon as cold air. Since all aircon systems are sealed, this should not decrease unless an aircon leak is present. Normally, such a leak takes place when the refrigerant lines become damaged.

Being exposed to leaked aircon gas for long periods is considered dangerous as it could cause many adverse health effects. For this reason, always make sure to check your refrigerant levels to see whether or not you have an aircon leak. If it does, you might require an aircon repair to fix your refrigerant lines as well as an aircon gas top up to restore the unit’s gas levels.











Although Mitsubishi is considered as one of the leading aircon manufacturers worldwide, their models still require the same amount of care as Panasonic and Daikin aircons. In order to ensure that they work properly at all times, never forget to clean the aircon filters and condenser regularly. Also make sure to inspect your evaporator coils and refrigerant lines from time to time to prevent aircon leaks and to ensure that your unit does not overheat. Lastly, never forget to turn off your Mitsubishi aircon when it is not in use to prevent it from overworking and to avoid high electricity bills.

In case you lack the time to maintain your Mitsubishi aircon, call Everyworks Singapore to conduct regular aircon servicing. This will ensure that your unit is free from damage at all times and continues to serve you for the long term.


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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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