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6 Common Problems of Daikin Aircon

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Residential and commercial aircons from Daikin are known to be extremely reliable and affordable. However, these aircon installations can run into a number of problems if not maintained properly. Be sure to take note of them in order for you to determine what types of aircon repairs are necessary for your unit. Otherwise, it could become permanently damaged. Moreover, you might end up having to pay costly electric bills. With that said, here are six common problems that Daikin aircon’s face when they lack proper aircon servicing.


Daikin Aircon Leaking Water

Both inverter and non-inverter aircons collect water in the process of absorbing heat. Normally, this water drips from the evaporator coils down into the drain pan and is carried away outdoors. In case you notice your aircon leaking water from another location however, it is likely that your drain line might be clogged or disconnected. Your evaporator coils might also be frozen due to a buildup of dirt. It is also possible that your Daikin unit has a damaged condensate pump or a drain pan.


Daikin Aircon Cannot Turn Off










Another common aircon emergency faced by Daikin aircons is the failure to shut off. This is usually caused by damage on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). To confirm this, you can have an aircon technician inspect your PCB for you. They should be able to determine whether parts of the board simply need to be fixed through an aircon repair or if replacing it entirely is needed.


Daikin Aircon Won’t Turn On

At times, a Daikin aircon can fail to start due to a blown fuse. This often occurs as a result of a power flow or unregulated power supply. In this case, having a professional repair or replace your malfunctioning aircon may not be needed, as you only need to replace the blown fuse. Whatever the cause, hiring a professional to replace the fuse of your Daikin aircon entirely will probably be necessary. That way, if there are other faults with your Daikin aircon, the professional aircon service would be able to help you.


Daikin Aircon Not Cold








The primary purpose of any residential or office aircon is to release enough cold air so that its owner can feel refreshed and comfortable. If your unit fails to do so, check if its manual or programmable thermostat might have sustained damage. You can also inspect your evaporator coils to confirm if they might be frozen. See also if the fan motors, capacitor, thermistor, and PCB have incurred any defects whatsoever.


Daikin Aircon Leaking Gas

Refrigerant helps your aircon to absorb heat which eventually turns into cold air. This normally should not deplete unless you have an aircon gas leak. If you have regular aircon servicing package which includes aircon gas topup, you should not need to worry about refrigerant leaks. In most cases, this occurs because of damage to the refrigerant lines. Other possible causes include damaged evaporator coils and condenser coils. Since leaving this leak unattended is highly dangerous, it is important to have it resolved by an experienced technician as soon as possible.


Daikin Aircon Noisy

Inverter aircons and non-inverter aircons from Daikin should only produce a minimal amount of noise. However, if you find that the sound coming from your aircon is louder than usual, check for any signs of damage or dirt build-up on its fan and blower wheel. You can also try to see if the blower wheel has incurred any defects. Try also confirming if either the fan motor or spring clamp has worn out.










Like Mitsubishi and Panasonic aircon installations, Daikin units need to be maintained through regular aircon servicing and cleaning. If not, they could experience problems like an aircon water leak, failure to turn on or off, inability to release cold air, refrigerant leaks, and unusual noises. That said, by taking note of the causes of these issues and immediately having the necessary repairs done, you can ensure that your unit functions normally again.

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