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How to Choose the Right Daikin Aircon for Your Home

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Aircon installations from Daikin are known to be extremely reliable and durable. However, in order to ensure that you are provided with maximum comfort, it is vital that you purchase the most suitable model. Thus, here are some guidelines on choosing the right Daikin aircon for your home. By being aware of them, you will be able to prevent major issues such as an aircon water leak which might require extensive aircon repairs.


Room Size


In order for enough cold air to be distributed in your home, be sure to measure the room where you intend to install your Daikin aircon. Choosing an undersized unit might fail to provide you with enough cold air and could even result in higher electricity bills. On the other hand, installing an aircon from Daikin that is too large could result in uneven air distribution.


Aircon System Type

When choosing an aircon from Daikin, be sure to take note of which aircon system type is most suited to your needs. Like Mitsubishi and Panasonic aircons, Daikin aircons come in two categories namely split and multi-split. Split aircons consist of one indoor unit and one outdoor unit and are suitable for those who only need one condo or HDB aircon installed. Meanwhile, multi-split Daikin aircons are those which comprise up to five indoor units connected to just one outdoor unit. These can be controlled separately and are ideal for larger homes with multiple rooms.


Number of Indoor Units Required


After determining the type of aircon system which is appropriate for your home, be sure to choose a model based on the number of indoor units you require. For instance, choose a System 3 aircon if you need three indoor units to be installed. Otherwise, a System 1 aircon is much more ideal if you only intend to make use of one indoor unit.


Energy Efficiency


Daikin aircons are considered as being among the most energy-efficient units you can install. That said, some models provide less aircon energy savings than others. As such, do not forget to confirm how energy-efficient each unit is before deciding which one to purchase.


BTU Rating

If you want a more specific estimate on how much power a specific Daikin aircon installation consumes, make sure to check its BTU rating. The higher an aircon’s BTU rating is, the more energy it requires to cool the room. Smaller rooms usually just need an aircon with a low BTU rating whereas wider spaces require a higher-rated unit.


Modern Features

Though inverter and non-inverter aircons from Daikin are already known to provide many benefits, some aircon owners prefer a model with much more updated technology for better convenience.  If you consider yourself among them, we recommend that you install an aircon from Daikin that has modern features. Some of these include 3D airflow technology to provide you with even air distribution, Streamer technology to easily eliminate airborne particles, and “Intelligent Eye” which prompts the unit to turn on and off through motion detection.


Air Quality

If you are particularly sensitive to airborne dust and debris, you should buy an aircon from Daikin that is guaranteed to provide clean indoor air. As mentioned, some Daikin models include features which allow for instant elimination of airborne particles. Once you have an air conditioning service install one, you will no longer have to worry about breathing in dirty air or experiencing conditions like asthma and allergies.



In order for you to reap as many benefits as you can from your Daikin aircon, never forget to consider a number of important factors when purchasing it. For instance, you should always take note of how large your room is to ensure that your aircon installation distributes air evenly. Be sure to also select an aircon system type that is properly suited to your needs and be aware of the number of indoor units you require. Do not also forget to consider energy-efficiency and BTU rating when purchasing to ensure that your aircon helps you save electricity. Lastly, it is recommended that you buy a unit with modern features which can provide good air quality. By doing so, you will be able to feel as comfortable as possible in your home.


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