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Dangers of Conducting A DIY Power Socket Installation



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Like light switchespower sockets are regarded as one of the most important devices to have since they help in the completion of essential tasks. Moreover, they provide additional convenience as well as increased comfort. In order for them to be installed however, several procedures need to be undertaken.

When it comes to a power socket installation, the commercial or HDB electrician must first determine the maximum power output that could be handled by your home’s electrical wiring. The purpose of this is to prevent any electrical overloads which could result in the entire electrical system breaking down. Once that is done, the electrician purchases the parts required and carefully conducts the installation process to prevent issues that might warrant extensive electrical repairs.

Despite the benefits of seeking professional help, some homeowners would prefer to install a power socket on their own for time and cost reasons. As ideal as this would seem at first, it actually brings numerous dangers including the following:


Incorrect Wiring


Incorrect wiring does not simply refer to acute electrical wiring issues or faulty wiring installation. As a matter of fact, it can also pertain to the usage of incorrect wire type or length, mishandling of wires, misalignment of cables, and poor wiring design. Any of these issues can cause overheating which is considered an extreme fire hazard. Your home’s electrical system may also experience an electrical overload which could cause the outlets themselves to stop working properly. In any case, you might require an electrician to perform an electrical wiring repair or replacement for you.


Electric Shocks


Installing a power socket on your own is highly likely to result in electric shocks which can result in burns, internal injuries, unconsciousness, and even death. In many cases, these types of accidents happen as a result of people attempting to connect their power sockets’ many electrical wires without having a complete understanding of functions.

In order for you to protect yourself against electric shocks, be sure to call an electrician to install your power socket for you. They might have a better understanding of the various components of your electrical socket may be able to perform the installation process without any untoward incidents taking place.


Circuit Overload


As mentioned previously, installing an electrical outlet by yourself can result in a circuit overload. This is because those who attempt to install a power socket themselves without any relevant knowledge or experience usually fail to consider the electrical load capacity of their home. When a circuit overload takes place, other appliances and devices that you have can sustain damage.

Once you contact a licensed electrician to install your power socket for you, you will be able to prevent a circuit overload from happening. Since they have more knowledge on determining load capacity, they can easily tell you how many more electrical outlets you can have installed without any form of damage being sustained.


Fire Hazards

Like electrical switches, power socket installations contain various components that run on electricity. When these components are improperly installed or sustain damage during a DIY installation, they can begin to produce sparks. A fire hazard may even develop if the sparks make contact with nearby furniture and appliances. The sockets can also burst if any electrical devices are plugged into them. In order to prevent such hazards from taking place, be sure to contact a reliable electrician you can trust.



Some people who perform DIY power socket installations lack awareness of the different types of power sockets, wires, or switches. As a result, they end up experiencing many electrical issues that require extensive repairs. For this reason, it is best to engage a professional to perform electrical work the moment you require it to avoid any expensive and dangerous electrical mistakes.For best results, call us at Everyworks Singapore. Our professional electricians can quickly provide you with assistance in case you need any electrical works done. See our price list for additional information about our servicing costs.


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