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What To Know About Panasonic Aircon

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Currently, Panasonic is one of the top 3 best-selling aircon brands in Singapore. In fact, it has always been the leading brand for aircon products. Local and foreigners often wonder why this is so. This article will give you a greater understanding of Panasonic’s history and why using and installing Panasonic aircons are so popular in Singapore.


A Brief Background on Panasonic


Konosuke Matsushita founded the Panasonic brand in 1918. Its first product offering was duplex lamp sockets. Due to the market’s demands, it started innovating and launching various projects from 1920 onwards. In 1927, the company started to produce bicycle lamps. During the World War II period, Panasonic started opening other factories across Asia in addition to its factories in Japan. They produced various home maintenance products including fixtures, motors, electric irons, wireless equipment, and various tubes. The subsequent years were also very fruitful for Panasonic. It not only penetrated the television and radio market successfully but also assimilated one of its main competitors, Sanyo.

In 1958, Panasonic started manufacturing air conditioners. Its first aircon model, Home Cooler, was a huge success even in South Vietnam. Home Cooler was also the first home aircon in the market. Prior to this, only commercial and industrial aircons were available. This success enabled it to improve its designs starting with rotary compressors. Their highly efficient and quality compressors also attracted numerous aircon manufacturers.

In 1972, Panasonic created a subsidiary company, MAICO, in Malaysia. Consequently, it was able to extend its reach to Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and other major markets. As these expansions became a huge success, it was able to further innovate new and existing products which eventually included inverter aircons.

In 1975, Panasonic entered the European aircon industry and started manufacturing other types of aircons such as VRV and VRF aircons. Its success continued to skyrocket, and it eventually became a leader in the international aircon industry.


Why Panasonic Is A Popular Aircon Brand in Singapore

Panasonic aircons are popular in Singapore and Singaporean homeowners love Panasonic for a lot of reasons. Listed below are some of the main reasons why they love Pansonic aircons so much.


Credible Authority

As one of the key players and top three best-selling aircon brands in the industry, Panasonic has built a reputation for producing high quality and innovative products that are reliable and durable. Hence, they are able to garner many consumers’ trust.


Wide Variety of Aircons to Choose From

Panasonic is able to meet the demands of various consumers. These demands stem from the need to use and own an aircon system for commercial or residential purposes. It also sells their aircons at low prices, making them affordable for everyone.



Like Mitsubishi aircons, Panasonic aircons come in a multitude of designs. As Singaporeans place a great emphasis on their friends’ perception of their house, they greatly appreciate the ability to choose their aircon from a wide range of designs. This helps them to integrate the designs of their aircon system and house seamlessly. Thus, Panasonic helps them solve this problem by offering aircon designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and optimally functional.


Popular Panasonic Aircon Models in Singapore

We have listed Panasonic’s most popular aircon models in Singapore for your reference.


Panasonic Inverter XS Series


This series comes with an Econavi function wherein intelligent sensor technology is coupled with advanced control programs. The aircon’s cooling performance is optimised based on the room’s conditions. The required cooling is also influenced by factors like the number of people in the room and the size of the room. Consequently, there is an increase in energy savings as waste energy consumption is minimised.


Aero Series Inverter


Residential and office aircons from Panasonic’s Aero series distinguish themselves from other models by way of their unique design. Hence, they are ideal for Singapore homeowners who value elegance and beauty when deciding between units. These aircons come in a slim design and include features like sleek lines, smooth curves, pearl finishing, and chrome escutcheon. All reflect a sense of beauty, elegance, and wealth.


Panasonic- 24TKH Premium Inverter Aircon


This is a wall-mounted model which weighs approximately 12kg. For this aircon to be installed, assistance from professionals with suitable tools and experience will be needed. Besides that, this unit consumes 220 to 230 volts. Although homeowners need not be overly concerned with highly electrical bills as Panasonic’s aircons are generally energy-saving.

This aircon also consists of a self-diagnosis function that identifies aircon issues through minimal tests. Homeowners can also do their own normal aircon servicing as the unit comes with a washable filter.


How You Can Look for A Reliable Aircon Servicing Provider

In order to find a reliable air conditioning service, you have to first identify its characteristics of one. Quality aircon servicing providers are highly knowledgeable and will have the necessary tools at their disposal. Many also have a certificate for general aircon services, aircon maintenance, or aircon repair signed by different training institutes in Singapore. They should also have a permanent address or workplace in Singapore to make it easier for aircon owners to find them. By knowing their address, it is also easier for aircon owners to check the updates on their aircon’s repair or maintenance. Be sure to consider these factors when engaging an aircon maintenance company.

Information on aircon servicing such as aircon maintenance, aircon repair, and aircon installation can be found online. Many aircon servicing companies also have their own websites where they upload information like aircon servicing prices.



In a nutshell, Panasonic has a long history of success which builds and solidifies its credibility as a manufacturer of high-quality, innovative products. Additionally, they are also a pioneer of home air conditioners and have manufactured numerous high-quality aircons. Such factors are some of the reasons why they are popular amongst homeowners in Singapore. After buying and installing an aircon, you should not forget to arrange for regular aircon servicing. This ensures that the unit is always able to function at an optimal level.

When looking for an aircon servicing company to engage in, you can consider Everyworks Singapore. We are experts in aircon installation and aircon servicing, especially for Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and Daikin aircons.


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