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Benefits of a Central Aircon System for Commercial Offices

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Central aircon systems are usually the preferred choice for commercial/industrial aircons. This is chosen over the usual window aircons most homes are equipped with. The biggest factor for this is that commercial areas tend to be much bigger than most homes. Central aircons are the installed aircons in offices for constant circulation and distribution of cool air which is vital to ensure comfort. A central aircon system is better suited for such a task, so they are the preferred office aircon.


Here are some benefits of a central aircons you should know about:

Controls Humidity

In a country with a tropical climate such as Singapore, warm and humid days are the norm. This makes doing daily tasks at work a chore as it can get extremely uncomfortable. Aircon installation then becomes a need to avoid instances of unproductivity.

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Efficient central aircon systems should be user-friendly. Such a system usually runs from a single console eliminating the need for multiple steps. A programmable thermostat can be used to operate the system at a specific temperature. With the press of a button, the system will run as programmed whether it is in one or even multiple zones with this aircon installed.

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Healthy Ambience

Installation of a central aircon system also brings about some health benefits. People will be protected from most common infections as fewer bacteria, germs, dust, fumes, and odours are released from the unit. At the same time, the temperature will remain constant ensuring a comfortable environment for work. These are important factors for an office aircon.


Summary of The Benefits of a Central Aircon System:

  • A central aircon does a much better job at circulating cool air throughout a big room compared to window air conditioners.
  • Equipped with better filters than a window aircon, a central aircon system can provide cleaner air free from microscopic pollutants as they are trapped in the filters. This makes the rooms a much better place for everyone as they do not have to worry about harmful substances in the air.
  • A central aircon also operates quieter compared to an external condenser and indoor fan unit of a multi-split aircon However, in a central aircon system, the noise-producing components are found outdoors making the noise almost undetectable.
  • Central aircon systems are installed on the ceiling. This opens more space in the office while also making it possible to enhance the interior of a commercial area.
  • Lastly, a central aircon unit does not release any foul odours or fumes, giving a fresher and more comfortable environment in commercial spaces

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A central aircon may be a bit more costly than the ones equipped in homes, they are still worth it for a commercial space as the benefits are obvious. This is vital when installed in such spaces while also possibly improving productivity in the workspace.  Be sure to hire a professional aircon service provider for the job.

If you need more advice and want to learn of other benefits of a central aircon system, don’t hesitate to contact Everyworks Singapore. Our professional and efficient team can advise the best course of action for each commercial space and provide aircon installation services.  To learn more, feel free to view our price list.



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