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Top 3 Best-selling Inverter Aircon Brands And Their Models In Singapore

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As is the case with other home appliance products, aircon designed for office use and home use is produced by various brands. It is important to purchase from those brands which are highly renowned so that the aircon you install works properly and lasts for a long time.

Whether it is a residential aircon or commercial/industrial aircon, buying a unit from an aircon brand that is well-known lowers the need for aircon services such as an aircon chemical overhaul or aircon gas top-up. In addition, it ensures that your aircon includes the best features in the market. With that said, here are the top 3 best-selling inverter aircon brands and their recommended models:




Mitsubishi Electric is a Japanese-based company that has been frequently ranked among the top 3 best-selling aircon brands. Many of its models have been widely praised as a result of their reliability and are frequently sought after by HDB residents. As a matter of fact, those who want to replace their malfunctioning aircon with an inverter type can decide between various options based on the features they need, their budget, and their required cooling capacity.

Among Mitsubishi’s aircon that are most recommended are their Starmex MSXY models due to their ability to produce minimal noise while being extremely efficient. Its single split system units aircon are also highly popular due to the following.

  • they are easy to clean
  • they use anti-allergy enzymes
  • they have the capacity to purify cold air
  • they consume minimal power, thereby providing higher aircon energy savings




Like Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic is also a highly known producer of inverter and non-inverter aircons that has competed in the industry for the past six decades. This brand is extremely popular due to the excellent quality of its models. In fact, customers who wish to install a Panasonic aircon of the inverter type can choose from its single-split units which are widely praised due to the following:

  • they are capable of purifying air with nanotechnology
  • they consist of an econavi sensor, human motion detection sensor, and sunlight sensor which work to reduce power usage based on human movement and sunlight intensity
  • through a programmable thermostat, they adjust temperature levels automatically to reduce power consumption




Like the two previous brands mentioned, Daikin is also frequently ranked among the best-selling international home and office aircon brands. For nearly half a century, this company has manufactured different air conditioner models known to be extremely power-efficient. Moreover, it has provided a wide array of aircon from System 1 to System 5 for those with varying requirements and budgets. Customers who want to have an inverter Daikin aircon installed can pick from their split type models which include the following features:

  • simple but elegant flat panel structure which is well-suitable for most home interior designs
  • intelligent eye motion sensor which prompts the installed aircon to distribute air only when human movement is detected
  • Economode for better power efficiency
  • silent performance



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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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