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Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Producing Loud Noises and How to Solve It

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Installing an air conditioning unit is a great way to control the temperature levels inside your home so that you can properly work and relax. Take note though that any type of aircon needs regular maintenance for it to work well. Without regular maintenance, your aircon will require services like an aircon chemical overhaul and an aircon gas top-up. A home or an office aircon can also make irritating sounds if it lacks proper maintenance. If you ignore these, your unit could be greatly damaged.

To prevent your unit from producing loud noises, keep the following in mind:


Causes of Loud Aircon Noises

Loose or Damaged Fan Blade

A lot of factors such as an impaired or detached fan blade can contribute to why an installed aircon produces loud sounds. If this component suffers from any kind of damage or becomes imbalanced, it could hit other components which cause the fan motor to produce loud sounds.


Defective Compressor and Loose Bearings


Additionally, apart from a damaged or loose fan blade, an aircon can also make loud noises due to a defective compressor. Another possible reason is impaired or detached bearings. These bearings could worsen after some time due to dirt buildup or just plain wear and tear. When this occurs, it can cause a scraping or screeching sound to be produced. It is best to have regular aircon cleaning and servicing performed to resolve this issue.


Incorrectly Sized Ducts and Gas Leaks


Incorrect aircon duct size can also cause your aircon unit to produce loud sounds. If the aircon ducts are tiny, then there could be a limit on the airflow which results in a loud whooshing sound. The ducts will require a complete replacement in that case. However, if your ducts are of the correct size, you must inspect your aircon’s refrigerant to see if it is leaking. This kind of aircon leak can often cause the unit to make a gurgling noise.


How To Troubleshoot Aircon Noises


Normally, you can identify which type of damage your aircon unit has by hearing the sound that it emits. Such sounds can include the following:


Rattling Sounds:

This could mean that your unit is clogged with a certain amount of dirt which will need to be removed via aircon chemical cleaning.


Clanking Sounds:

This is often an indication of a detached metal part like the fan blades that are striking other components surrounding it.


Repetitive Clicking Sounds:

This could suggest that your residential or office aircon relays require repairing.


Screaming or Screeching Sounds:

The reason for this type of sound could be due to a severely impaired compressor, motor, motor bearings, or fan belt.


Banging Sounds:

This sound is usually produced because of decreased refrigerant levels which you could fix by way of an aircon gas top up.


Do I Have To Worry about Aircon Noises?


Owing to the costs of having an installed aircon, a lot of aircon users are curious if they can fix a noisy aircon issue by themselves or if their unit needs to undergo crucial aircon repairs. An aircon unit usually makes low humming sounds because of how the motor functions. If it produces loud sounds, therefore, it could mean that there are specific aircon parts that might be damaged or loose and require a number of aircon repairs.

You should also worry about the sounds that your aircon produces if the performance of your installed aircon has declined considerably. When this occurs, your unit may be suffering from severe issues like aircon water or gas leaks. If you are unable to resolve these issues through repairs, it is highly recommended to have an aircon replacement performed. You will then be able to lessen the possibility of loud aircon sounds being produced in the future.


What Should I Do To Fix Aircon Noise Issues?

Evaluate How Severe Your Aircon Issues Are

You can identify if your aircon needs to be repaired or replaced just by listening to the noise that your aircon produces. If you believe that the noise is due to waste in the internal components, have an aircon technician to get rid of them. You can also choose to have an aircon repair if your unit only has minor issues. However, if your installed aircon suffers from severe problems because of loose or damaged parts, it is best to have an aircon replacement performed.


Engage A Trusted Aircon Servicing Company


Engaging with a trusted aircon maintenance company can guarantee the elimination of any loud aircon noises. They can do the necessary work immediately and possess the tools required to repair any loose or damaged aircon parts. They can also find out if your installed aircon should be replaced with a model that is more durable and has much better performance.



Many aircon owners are wondering if they can solve aircon noises by themselves or if their unit needs to undergo repair or replacement, especially since maintaining an aircon comes with high expenses. In truth, they can only determine how to resolve their aircon issues if they listen carefully to what sound it produces. If the aircon produces sounds relating to minor issues, it will only need a few repairs. However, if there are troubling sounds due to components that are severely damaged or loosened, then the unit will need to be replaced.

Should you have difficulty troubleshooting the noises your unit produces, you should contact a reputable aircon servicing company like Everyworks Singapore to service your unit regularly. Through our aircon services, you can eliminate all dirt, debris, and other contaminants in your aircon. To know more about our servicing costs, feel free to check our price list.


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