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Why You Should Install Panasonic Aircon in Singapore

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Choosing which aircon to install can be time consuming and confusing for most people. It is the reason why Singaporeans always consider the top-selling aircon brands to bring cool and refreshing air to their homes and workplaces. One of these top brands is Panasonic.

Panasonic aircon is well-known worldwide because of its uncompromising quality, and durability, and to top it all off, it does not require very high maintenance. However, if you are still not convinced that this brand is the best choice, let us tell you more reasons why you should choose Panasonic aircon:


It Performs with Minimal Noise


Different kinds of aircon noises can disrupt your peace during work hours or while sleeping. Your homes and offices require aircon units that function well, this means it should not be making any disturbing noises.

Panasonic is included in the top three best-selling aircon brands in Singapore, and one of the reasons why is because of its advanced technology. Every Panasonic aircon unit has a quick button that you can use to effectively reduce the noise while still having sufficient cooling. You can certainly enjoy the benefits of your aircon units without even noticing that it is actually cooling your whole place.


It Saves Energy


If you are looking for an aircon that can help you save electricity, you should choose to install a Panasonic inverter aircon inside your homes and commercial offices. If you know all about the difference between inverter and non-inverter aircon, you will be convinced that a Panasonic inverter aircon is a perfect choice if you do not want your electric bills to blow up.

There are also energy saving tips that you can follow so that your aircon units can consume less power and at the same time, you will not sacrifice their effectiveness.


It Has An Odor Management System


After a long time of usage, your aircon can produce a foul smell because of the dirt stuck inside its aircon filters and outlets. If this happens, it just simply means that you did not take into consideration the process of undergoing regular aircon servicing. Aside from that, another reason is that you are using an aircon that does not have the advanced technologies of an odor management system.

Panasonic aircon has top-class odor management systems that allow your aircon units to bring cool, refreshing, and safe air inside your homes and offices. You will not have to worry about the unpleasant odors harming your family and officemates.


It Requires Minimal Maintenance

Panasonic aircons, because of their reputation of being durable and reliable even after a long time, are well-known to have low maintenance costs. Instead of spending money on regular maintenance of your aircons, you should choose to get a Panasonic aircon unit installed inside your homes and offices. Many Singaporeans choose Panasonic NEA 5-tick aircon to be installed inside their residential and commercial spaces because it does not require extensive maintenance even after several months.

If trouble occurs in your aircon units, you should not hesitate to call professionals. Everyworks Singapore can help you with all your aircon concerns. Starting from choosing which brand of aircon to install, aircon repairs, aircon chemical overhaul, and regular aircon servicing for maintenance.



Deciding on which aircon to install in your homes can be confusing, but if you know all about the reasons why you should choose Panasonic then you will not be confused any longer. If you need an aircon that operates without noise, saves electricity, has odor management features, and an aircon that does not require high maintenance, then Panasonic aircons are perfect for you. Contact a professional aircon servicing company like Everyworks Singapore for your aircon installation. We guarantee the best services at the lowest prices!


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