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7 Reasons Why Panasonic Aircons Are Popular in Singapore

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Panasonic aircons rank among the best-selling aircons in Singapore. In fact, many people in Singapore have a Panasonic aircon installed in their homes and offices. To learn more about the popularity of Panasonic aircons among Singaporeans, here is a list of seven reasons why Singaporeans choose residential and commercial aircons from Panasonic:


Panasonic Is A Reputable Brand


Panasonic has made a name for itself since it started offering electronics and home appliances back in 1918. Due to its wide range of aircon products, the brand has managed to gain popularity among numerous Singaporean consumers, prompting many to have Panasonic aircons installed in their homes.

In spite of the many factors that need to be considered when choosing aircons for offices and houses, Panasonic aircons have sold extremely well. The brand has also garnered trust from its consumers because of the quality and reliability of their aircons. Not only do they perform well for a very long time, but they are known to experience minimal aircon issues.


Panasonic Has Precise Manufacturing Procedures

Another important thing to look out for when buying an aircon for your home or office is the safety measures and precautions that the brand takes when producing the aircons. Panasonic does not just focus on its profits, but also on ensuring that its home maintenance products are safe for consumers.

Panasonic uses only the most durable materials for their aircons and performs the necessary tests and checks prior to shipping out their products. As such, all Panasonic aircon installed are guaranteed to be reliable and durable. Besides that, the brand places a strong emphasis on providing consumers with the most durable, reliable, and stable aircons.


Heating And Cooling Mechanisms


Although not common, there are days when Singapore experiences colder weather. Hence, Panasonic has managed to develop its aircon units to comprise heating features apart from the usual cooling functions. These features can also be very useful if you have a central aircon system. Panasonic managed to do so despite it not being a common feature among other aircon brands.


Panasonic Aircons Use ECONAVI Technology

With their ECONAVI technology, Panasonic’s aircons offer great energy saving capabilities for homes and offices. ECONAVI is a feature that can detect human activity and sunlight. To save aircon energy, it efficiently adjusts the cooling power according to human movements, locations, and sunlight intensity. This technology can therefore bring utmost convenience and comfort not only to your homes but also to your offices.


Panasonic Aircons Are High Quality


The DNA of Japanese craftsmanship is imprinted in every Panasonic product. Panasonic practices uncompromising quality control while manufacturing technologically advanced products before delivering them to customers worldwide. This is why every Panasonic aircon can still guarantee reliability and durability even after a long period of time.


Panasonic Aircons Prevent Odor

After years of usage without regular aircon servicing, aircons can produce unpleasant odors that can cause harm to everyone in the household. Hence, Panasonic developed odor management features that prevent the formation of odor causing chemicals. If you choose to install a new aircon from Panasonic, you will be guaranteed cool and fresh air.


Panasonic Aircons Minimize Noise



Aside from cooling issues, your aircon can also cause sleep disturbance by producing unpleasant noises. If you choose to install an aircon from Panasonic however, you will be sure that you can sleep peacefully the entire night because of its noise reducing functions.



Deciding on which aircon model to install in your homes or in your offices can be a no-brainer if you know about Panasonic. This brand offers quality, durability, and complete excellence. It has everything you need! Panasonic is known for being a reputable brand, caring for the needs and safety of its consumers, and having the best technology.

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