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Are Panasonic Aircons Reliable and Dependable?

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It is not very easy to look for the most reliable and dependable aircon brand, and Singaporeans are no stranger to this fact. When deciding which residential or commercial aircon to buy, Singaporeans usually lean towards the best-selling aircon brands of all time, such as Panasonic.

Panasonic aircons have built a reputation for being durable and advanced. Here are more reasons why you should get Panasonic aircons installed in your offices or homes:


They Are Carefully Tested before Being Shipped


When you order your chosen aircon model, Panasonic does not simply ship them out to your houses or offices. The brand makes sure that everything is tested including the aircon compressor, its durability, its resistance to rain and dew, and its shock resistance level. The internal mechanisms of the aircon are also checked carefully to avoid functioning problems after brief usage.

Next, Panasonic checks the electrical components in the aircon condenser that will soon be installed. These electrical components need to be waterproof to withstand soaking or getting wet whenever it rains. It can be very dangerous if they are lacking in safety and long-term reliability.

Once everything is tested and checked, Panasonic will ship the aircon to your house or to your trusted aircon maintenance company who will help you with the installation of your Panasonic aircon.


They Are Japanese-made


Japanese craftsmanship entails great quality and distinct advancements. Furthermore, it emphasises the need to be very meticulous when creating electrical products. Panasonic is a Japanese aircon brand that builds on the Japanese tradition of uncompromising quality control worldwide. Moreover, it always leans toward making its consumers’ lives better each day.

If you want Panasonic aircon to make your life better, you can always call the best aircon servicing company to assist you. They can help you choose the perfect aircon units to be installed not only in your home but also in your workplace.


Panasonic Aircons Use Innovative Technology


When choosing the best aircon brands for your office or home in Singapore, you would want something that offers the best innovative technologies. Fortunately, Panasonic has the most advanced technologies among the top 3 best-selling aircon brands in Singapore. They offer advancements that are exclusive to their brand which include the following:

iAuto X with P Tech

With this technology, you can automatically adjust the fan settings of your residential or office aircon to your liking using only your remote.


All Panasonic aircons have this function wherein the aircon can bring cool and refreshing air to the room in an evenly distributed manner. There will be no harsh blowing of air in just one direction.

Twin Cool Inverter with ECONAVI

ECONAVI is a technology that promotes energy savings by using sensors to detect human movements and sunlight. This is a new advancement feature that only Panasonic aircons have.

Nano-Air Filtration And Purification

This technology brings fresher and cleaner air to your home. It removes dust to limit the growth of bacteria in the environment.


Panasonic Aircons Comply with International Standards


Residential and commercial aircons made by Panasonic use electrical parts that can help reduce the effects of global warming. In fact, their reliable aircon parts follow Europe’s RoHS/REACH environmental regulations. The brand does not only respect the welfare of its customers, but also the laws and standards of different governments worldwide.



Inverter and non-inverter aircons from Panasonic have proven to be very reliable and durable for Singaporean homes and offices. The various advanced technologies they have, and their sophistication have also given them a good reputation. Moreover, Panasonic aircons are very easy to clean and maintain and promote high energy savings.

Once you have chosen the Panasonic aircon that best fits your lifestyle, you can call us at Everyworks Singapore to help you with the installation process.


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