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Why Properly Placing An HDB Aircon Installation Is Important

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How aircon installation performs depends on a variety of factors. Although the primary considerations are often brand and energy ranking, it is crucial not to ignore location. No matter how improved your aircon model is, it will be unable to function properly if mounted in the wrong place. Therefore, when determining where to mount your residential or commercial aircon, take note of these guidelines:


Why Proper Aircon Placement Is Important


Better Cooling Capacity

An aircon installed at a suitable location is more likely to release ample cold air. For instance, because warm air moves upwards, a device mounted too low will feel warmer than one mounted near the ceiling. In contrast, you are more likely to have more cold air circulation if your aircon is installed in a room where dust and dirt will not accumulate. The explanation for this is that an aircon’s main cooling components can be obstructed by dust and debris thereby preventing it from converting warm air into cold air. 


Enhanced Efficiency and More Aircon Energy Savings

When choosing where you should install your aircon, make sure to select an area with no obstructions. Structural barriers or furniture that block your unit’s outlets will limit its airflow. When this occurs, you will be unable to have adequate fresh air to cool your home or workspace. Not only that, obstructions can also lead to your unit overworking and can also cause your energy bills to rise expensively. Thus, it is best to install your aircon in an unfurnished space to be as efficient as possible. You should also make sure that your commercial or HDB aircon installation is located well away from sunlight and water so that you can maximize your aircon energy savings.


Improper Aircon Placement Effects


Aircon owners often choose to mount their unit on their own rather than finding help from an aircon maintenance company. As a result, they end up installing their units in an environment that makes them vulnerable to common air conditioning problems such as the following:


Hot Spots

Installing an aircon in the wrong room does not only cause aircon emergencies. When mounted in an area that blocks its cooling functions, its range for air distribution becomes reduced as well. Consequently, this leads to the development of various hotspots which can cause the owner severe discomfort.


Increased Power Usage

Naturally, to operate installed an air conditioner, electricity is required. If its location hinders its different components from functioning correctly, its electricity consumption rate may become too excessive. An aircon put in a dirty room, for instance, will experience frozen evaporator coils thereby forcing the device to overwork just so that it can release enough cold air. This in turn results in the unit using up more aircon energy than is needed.


Ways To Determine Proper Aircon Placement


For you to install your aircon in the right place, make sure to take the following into account:



Ensure that the area where you want to mount your inverter or non-inverter aircon is free of any obstacles. Remember that a unit installed in a room that is free from clutter will be far more capable of releasing cold air. 



It is not just furniture that can prevent adequate cold air from being circulated by an aircon. Due to their height and content, any unit placed too close to pillars may also experience problems. Therefore, when installing your aircon near the ceiling, make sure no structural barriers obstruct it.



For cosmetic reasons, some people tend to cover their air conditioners. Although this may seem practical, it may eventually cause the device to overheat and even malfunction. When this happens, costly aircon repairs may be required to get your appliance running again. 



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