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Tips On Selecting A Smart Hub For Your Installed Light Switches

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Controlling your installed lights is easy if you have a smart switch. There are multiple smart switches in Singapore that allow you to access your smart devices or other electrical installation even if you are far away. Your installed smart switch will work better if you use a smart hub that unites different communication systems, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-wave, or Zigbee.

It is essential to take note to make a list of the smart devices you own when buying a smart hub to confirm whether the smart hub you are planning to install is compatible with the appliances you have to avoid power trips.

Below are the tips that will help you decide on what smart hub you should choose.


Voice Automation System

Security systems such as ADT are one of the things that you need to look at in the market, aside from finding a reliable electrician. It has a security hub that can have a voice activation system that makes it easy to pair with a smart switch you bought or smart bulb.

The voice automated smart hub must have the following:

  • It can be used to turn on and turn off the lights via a smart switch
  • It can activate or deactivate locks, sensors, thermostats, and even other household appliances.
  • Provides one-of-a-kind smart home management experience.

Imagine “informing” your smart hub on your iPhone that you will be home in 15 minutes. The smart hub starts arranging and will allow you to enter a cozy home with tea ready in your smart kettle!


Communication Protocol


Another helpful guide when buying a smart hub is to check which smart hub has the most communication protocols because it consists of necessary interconnection and open rules. You can quickly achieve single program automation when purchasing a smart home hub. An EMA-Licensed electrician installed smart hub is proven to help you manage your household effortlessly, especially in preventing power trips. That is why it is essential to look for a smart hub with the most communication protocols.

With a hub installed, Your electrical installations are functioning properly if you are able to set up your smart hub that turns the lights on of the smart switch every time one of your children’s mobile phones is within range of the WiFi or Bluetooth smart switch network in case you want to make sure your children will never enter your home with the lights turned off.


Supports a Multi-User Set Up

When planning to undergo a light switch replacement, look for a smart hub that provides multi-user support and can provide easy access to your other family members. It is also advisable that you look for a smart hub with “modes and scenes” functions because these devices allow adjustable automation. For instance, you will be able to dim or set a higher light brightness depending on whether your grandmother is visiting or when your baby is taking a nap. However, there might be some unusual problems with your smart switch if the feature “modes” they have do not work.


Inter-Device Connectivity


Smart hubs that are installed by an electrician or a smart switch that you have installed yourself that has a device-to-device connectivity feature that supports creating routines or schedules when an action is done and triggers the devices to do a specific action is something you should also take note when selecting a smart hub and also reasons why you should install smart switches at home.

For example, the motion sensors can be configured to activate the security alarm and the hacker-protected wifi smart switch to prevent intrusions while the owners are away from home. The hub will prompt the locking of all doors and closing of blinds. Alerts are also sent right out to the nearest police station when somebody trespasses.


Web Services Feature

Look for a smart home hub that is web-enabled so that you can automate a more advanced suite of services such as your thermostat and video applications.

A web-enabled smart hub is also a recommended smart hub to buy because you can automate more advanced services like your thermostat or video applications.

At Everyworks Singapore, we can help you with the installation of your smart hub or replace the power socket as well as inform you about the electrical emergency that can occur sooner.


Easy To Use


Your installed smart hub will help you simplify time management effortlessly. You should be able to check smartphone applications of the different smart hubs before buying one as well as decide if you are going to buy a smart switch or a smart hub. Make sure that it is easy to configure as well as allows you to integrate two or more devices. Lastly, your smart hub must have a built-in rechargeable battery that will back you up when there is a power overload which can cause power failure.



The decision you will make when installing a light or buying a smart hub will be affected by the features that you will need for your residential or commercial space. In Singapore, most homeowners choose to install home smart devices due to the efficiency it brings, as well as it makes your household chores faster. If you need help with your light switch installation, our expert electricians at Everyworks Singapore provide an excellent installation service. They can also give some tips on how to make your electrical installation last longer.


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This article is reproduced from Smart Switch City Singapore.

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