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Causes Of Power Failure In Singapore

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Power failures are considered as one of the most bothersome electrical issues anyone can face. Like non-working electrical sockets, they can greatly disrupt our daily and leisurely activities. Fortunately, studying their causes can help prevent such inconveniences.

Knowing the different causes of a power failure can help you to better prepare for its effects. Moreover, you will be able to develop safety measures as well as better awareness for when you need to have an electrical wiring or circuit breaker repair done. Being aware of the causes of power failure issues can also help you avoid unnecessary electrical works. As a result, you will be able to save more in terms of servicing. Here are some different causes of power failure.


Common Power Failure Causes


  • Power Overload

A power overload is considered as one of the most common causes of a power failure. This usually occurs when multiple home appliance products are plugged into a single power point at the same time. Because some households can only handle a certain level of current flow, plugging too many devices simultaneously can cause a short circuit which prevents installed lights from functioning.

  • Nearby Land Digging

Land digging may not seem like an obvious power failure cause. As a matter of fact, it can lead to your home’s light installations going out if underground electrical wiring becomes damaged. When this happens, you might need to contact an electrician to do the necessary electrical wiring repairs or replacements.

  • Large Trees

You might be surprised to know that large trees can also cause your light installations to go out. This is because their roots can cause electrical wiring damage (such as loose wiring) once they extend. At other times, rainy weather can cause the trees to uproot which can lead to even greater damage. These problems are fortunately rare in Singapore due to proper electrical planning. But should either of them happen around your area, contact a reliable electrical contractor to help you out.

  • Electrical Equipment Failure

Sometimes, certain equipment can fail even if their electrical installation has been done properly. These include transformers, panels, connectors, light switches, panels and many other. Causes of equipment failure can be due to overheating or even technical glitches. In case any of your electrical equipment stop working, call an electrical contractor to troubleshoot them.




Now that you are aware of some common power failure causes, you can easily determine when you’re in need of electrical repairs. For these to be done neatly and professionally, contact Everyworks Singapore to assist you. We have many experienced and licensed electricians who specialize in solving various electrical problems including power failure issues. For more info on our electrical servicing costs, feel free to view our price list.


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