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3 Common Types of Pull Up Bars in Singapore

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Including pull-ups as part of your exercise regime can help to strengthen and shape various muscles of your body. It can also help to improve your agility and flexibility over time.

Pull ups can be beneficial when done correctly. However, if done incorrectly, you may sustain injuries. These may include overtired biceps or triceps, awkward body position, and aching wrists, hands, and fingers.

Consider installing your pull up bar by either mounting them on the wall or ceiling as they have a firm foundation. This will prevent you from sustaining any injuries when you are using the pull up bars during your exercise.

If you are looking to install pull up bars for your home, there are 3 types of pull up bars that you can choose from.


Door Pull Up Bar


The door pull up bar is one of the common choices when installing the pull bar at home.  As it is mounted to the door through a telescopic frame or bolted beam, it does not require too much space. After you have finished using them, they can be removed and stored away without any hassle. Similar to other types of home pull up bar, you can install the pull up bar without the need to call for professional services. If you are looking to purchase a home pull up bar, check out our guide to buying a pull up bar for your home.

People usually prefer the door pull up bar because it is affordable and can be easily stored. Users with various heights can install and use it without any difficulty as the height is based on the user’s door frame size. However, you should choose the right type of pull up bar for your home based on your fitness needs.

However, the door pull bars have their disadvantages. Not all door pull bars come with rubber grips which may cause users to feel uncomfortable while exercising. They are also more inclined to breaking apart and damaging your door frame.


Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar


The wall mounted pull up bar is attached to any wall with supporting braces at each end. If you are sharing your pull up bar with others, it is advised that you can install it yourself or employ a handyman  to help in installing the pull up bar – to ensure that it is safe and can support anyone regardless of their size.

The benefits of wall mounted pull up bars are similar to that of door pull up bars. However, they do have their drawbacks. Unlike the door pull bars, they are a permanent fixture on the wall as they are not removable. If the screws and bolts on the support bracket loosen, you will need to re-bolt and screw them in.


Ceiling Pull Up Bar


Consider installing pull up bars on your ceiling if you do not want to install them on your doorframe or mount them on your wall. Support brackets attached the pull up bars are attached to the ceiling. If you are living in small space, this type of pull up bar is ideal for you. Check out our guide on ceiling pull bars to determine the right type of ceiling pull bar for your home. As the height of the pull up bar is dependent on the height of your ceiling, you might need a ladder to install it safely or consider using adjustable support brackets.



When purchasing a pull up bar, consider the various factors to find the right pull up bar for you. If you are share your pull up bar with others in your home for exercise purposes, consider hiring a professional to install a pull up bar for you. By doing so, you will ensure that your pull up bar is installed safely and ready for use. In the case that you have a weak doorframe, consider installing ceiling or wall mounted pull up bars.


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