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5 Ways Homeowners Can Protect Their WiFi Smart Switches From Hackers

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Having a smart home can boost your satisfaction as a homeowner because aside from these gadgets making your lives easier, you can also control them even if you are not at home. However, you should remember that installing smart light switches like those from Kyla or Tuya may put your homes at risk from hacking if you do not have it secured.

Hacking can be a very big problem for you if your installed electrical switches, smart hubs or smart switches get hacked. Not only will your family’s personal information be exposed to potential threats, but the hackers can also spy your whole family once they have hacked your system. An unsecured network may also result in identity theft, burglary and privacy violations. Such invasions would be very harmful for everyone in your household.

However, there are many ways to secure your smart switches and smart hubs from getting hacked. We will share with you five ways to protect not only your smart switches but also everyone in your household:


Set A Name for Your Router


Changing the default name of your router when it was first installed in your homes may seem unnecessary, but it can put your homes at risk. Thus, you should change your router’s name to something uncommon that is not connected to your smart switch or smart hub’s model name, or something related to you. This can protect your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart switch from hackers.


Get A Secured Wi-Fi Network


After changing the name of your router, you should ensure your Wi-Fi network is not visible to anyone, and that your connection is stable and secure. You can create a separate network on the settings of your router to make your installed smart switch safe from hackers.


Create A Strong Password

If you have a newly installed smart switch, you should also prioritise changing its password. Take note that if you are accustomed to using passwords that are old-fashioned and not very complicated, hackers may easily gain access to your system. Hence, you must create one of a kind password which includes a combination of numbers, capital letters and characters, so that only you can figure it out.


Update Your Devices and Software

Smart switches should also be registered because you can then fully utilise the regular software updates that fixes bugs and security problems provided by the company. If not updated regularly, your software would be more vulnerable to external threats.

Additionally, you should always check the access you grant to newly installed applications in your phone especially if they are meant for your smart switches. Minimising the information you give to these application can save you from potential security risks and hackers.


Hire A Professional to Install Your Smart Switch


It may seem like installing a smart switch can be done without an EMA-licensed electrician. However, even if you can do it yourself, you cannot guarantee that it will be installed properly as you may not have sufficient experience or knowledge to do so. If you let an expert do the work then it will be easier for you and less problems will occur in the future, because of their knowledge and experience, they will be able to guarantee a proper installation.

Reliable electrical contractors like those from Everyworks Singapore have a comprehensive knowledge on smart switch installation and we can do it as efficiently as possible. To provide you a complete service, we will also make sure that your smart switches or smart hubs are safe from hackers, letting you enjoy your perfect smart home without any worries.



It is very nice if you have managed to turn your homes into a perfect smart home, but with all the enjoyable things you can have, you can also put your homes at risk. Hence, you should always make sure that your Wi-Fi light switches are safe and protected from hackers. You can rename your routers, secure your network connection, create unique passwords, update your devices regularly, and hire a trustworthy electrical contractor like Everyworks Singapore for your installation needs.


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