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A Guide to Buying a Ceiling Pull up Bar for Your Home

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A ceiling pull up bar is a common equipment in any home gym. Therefore, it is important to know the factors to consider before installing a ceiling pull up bar at home. By buying a ceiling pull up bar that is catered to your needs, you will be able to exercise better – developing your muscles and physique. 

Purchasing a ceiling pull up bar is not easy despite its benefits. Before buying the ceiling pull up bar, there are several considerations you need to think about. Here are some factors to look out for before purchasing a ceiling pull up bar.  


Padded Grips

Similar to wall mounted pull up bars, certain ceiling pull up bars have high-density foam grips which offers improved comfort. As it prevents calluses, people with softer hands may find these much more comfortable to use. However, if you think that your hands can tolerate the pressure, you can consider buying the pure-steel model instead. It also comes with a powder-coated grip which prevents your hands from slipping when you are working out.




As an active person, you would want to purchase pull up bars or chin up bars that permits you to perform vigorous exercises. Therefore, it is important that you select a ceiling pull up bar that can ensure your safety. Some areas you can think about are the material, the exact location of the mounting area of your ceiling, and your ceiling dimensions.

Do make sure to purchase a pull up bar which can be mounted easily to your ceiling to avoid any accidents while exercising. Do you intend to install your pull up bar along trusses? Ensure that you will reinforce them so that they can be accessed easily. To make the pull up bar more stable, you can try attaching perpendicular supporting bars between the trusses’ sides. Unlike handyman services such as furniture assembly where you can do it yourself, mounting the ceiling pull up bars along the trusses may require advanced drilling knowledge and skills. Therefore, consider hiring a professional pull up bar installation service to install the ceiling pull up bar for you.


Bar Height



Many types of ceiling pull up bars of various heights are available in the market. Some home pull up bars have a minimum space of 22 inches from the ceiling while others only have a minimum distance of only 10 inches. Consider pull up bars that are developed for tall ceilings for exercises such as muscle-ups and chest workouts. 

Purchasing a home pull up bar that has a wide distance from the ceiling might be beneficial if you are relatively shorter arms – certain models can lengthen up to 39 inches. By doing so, you will not have any challenges of reaching the bar and can work out easily.


Workout Range

Certain ceiling pull up bars only include a top mounting plate with a limited width. They are not able to withstand large weights and are relatively less stable. Engage a professional to install a pull up bar safely and properly if you plan to do strenuous exercises such as dynamic pull ups and calisthenics. This way, you can make sure that your equipment is stable while you work out.




Purchasing a ceiling mounted pull up bar or chin up bar which can have multiple accessories is beneficial for you. By choosing a pull up bar onto which you can attach various equipment such as ropes, punching bags and ab straps, you can improve your workout routine. For example, if you attach gymnastic rings to the ceiling pull up bar, it can help you exercise better. You can adjust them easily to a specific height and use them to do ring push ups, dips, inverted rows, reverse flies, and many others.



Factors such as safety, padded grips, bar height, workout range, and accessories are important to consider when you are selecting a ceiling pull up bar for your home. By considering these factors, you can exercise with the ceiling pull up bar while ensuring your safety when you are exercising. After selecting the pull up bar for your home, it is recommended that you hire a professional handyman to install your pull up bar. This is to ensure that your pull up bar is installed properly and safely.


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