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Advantages of Having a Wall Mounted Pull up Bar

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Due to their busy schedules, most people in Singapore might not be able to set aside time to exercise at the gym. This might lead to them installing a pull up bar at home. Amongst the various types of pull bars available, installing a wall mounted pull up bar is suggested by most experts.

There are many advantages of using a wall mounted pull up bar as part of your workout routine.




Wall mounted pull up bars, as compared to door pull up bars, are known to be extremely stable. They can withstand heavier amounts of weight without sustaining any damage. Therefore, you use them to perform strenuous workout routines. Any other heavy sports equipment (e.g. punching bag) can also be attached onto them.

Due to its bulky size, consider engaging a professional handyman to install the wall mounted pull up bar for you. Keep in mind that you may injure yourself when you install the pull up bar yourself.  


Lower risk of damage


A wall mounted pull up bar is durable, making it less likely to damage the structural elements of your home. Unlike a door pull up bar (which can only withstand weights of up to 120kg), a wall mounted pull up bar is relatively sturdier. You can perform vigorous exercises on the wall mounted pull up bar as it can resist a huge amount of force. As compared to other handyman services such as furniture assembly, installing a wall mounted pull up bar requires an experienced handyman who is knowledgeable about the use of drills. 


Convenience and safety


Door pull up bars have their own hazards despite being often marketed as a relatively affordable and easy to install at home. Unlike a wall mounted pull up bar, door pull up bars are often made from cheap materials and are susceptible to breaking easily – causing damage to your door and incurring more costs to have the door repaired or replaced. Moreover, they can get displaced easily which may cause injuries to the head or spine. Door pull up bars are installed based on the height of your door – restricting the amount of workout routines you can perform. 

On the other hand, wall mounted pull up bars are relatively safer and more stable. Due to its stability, you can use them without having to worry about sustaining any injuries. You can install the wall mounted pull up bars at any position and location – not limiting the amount of workout exercises you can execute. 



Wall mounted pull up bars provide more stability and are safer if you are looking to install a home pull up bar. As it is made of durable material, you will be able to perform vigorous exercises as it can withstand tremendous amounts of force as compared to a door pull up bar. You can also prevent yourself from sustaining any injuries and your home from incurring any damages when using the pull up bar. When installing a wall mounted pull up bar, consider hiring a professional handyman to ensure that it is installed properly and securely.


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