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Wall Mounted Pull Bars vs Ceiling Mounted Pull up Bars – Which One Is for You?

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In Singapore, many people are installing pull up bars at home to work out when they want to. Some might purchase a wall mounted pull up bar that is compatible with the wall in their home. As it is easier to install, many people in Singapore would rather purchase a wall mounted pull up bar as compared to other types of pull up bar. Alongside the wall mounted pull up bar, the ceiling pull up bar is another popular choice for home installation as it can be installed on the ceiling of the house. 

Are you wondering which one you want your professional handyman to install? Both the wall mounted pull up bars and ceiling mounted pull up bars have its own pros and cons – which includes: 



stability-wall-mounted pull-up-bar-or-ceiling-pull-up-bar-installation-everyworks-handyman-singapore

As compared to the ceiling pull up bar, the wall mounted pull up bar is noted to be more stable. Presume that the pull up bar is properly installed on the wall. The wall mounted pull up bar will not shift or move if there is more force applied to the pull up bar. This is because the pressure applied horizontally to the pull up bar is fixed at various points.

Meanwhile, a ceiling pull up bar may become shaky if the ceiling is not strong enough. When you use the ceiling pull up bar to exercise, an added force is applied when you are lifting your body against the force of gravity. In the event that the ceiling pull up bar is installed on a false ceiling, it may lead to the nuts and bolts used during installation to become loose. This will affect the pull up bar’s stability. Do consult a professional pull up bar installer if you are unsure about installing a ceiling pull up bar safely and securely.


Freedom of Movement

freedom-of-movement-wall-mounted pull-up-bar-or-ceiling-pull-up-bar-installation-everyworks-handyman-singapore

One of the prominent drawbacks of wall mounted pull up bars is that you have restricted freedom while moving. Although most companies recommend installing the pull up bar at least 50cm from the wall, it will limit your freedom of movement. If you are tall, you may swing against and hit the wall while using the wall mounted pull up bar. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to maximise the distance between the pull up bar and the wall.

The main benefit of a ceiling mounted pull up bar is that it provides you with the freedom to move while doing pull ups. It is commonly installed in the centre of the room, and you are free to rotate in any direction without worrying if you will hit the wall.



installation-wall-mounted pull-up-bar-or-ceiling-pull-up-bar-installation-everyworks-handyman-singapore

Wall mounted pull up bars are extremely preferred as they can be installed easily. Just like assembling furniture, people who have the right equipment at home can drill the holes in the wall quickly and install the pull up bars using the nuts, bolts, and other fasteners.

When compared to the wall-mounted pull up bars, installing a ceiling mounted pull up bar at home is more complex and usually requires hiring a professional handyman. It is important to install the bars in the right section of the ceiling. Equipment such as stools or ladders will be required to reach the ceiling for pull up bar installation.



Installing wall mounted pull up bars or ceiling mounted pull up bars has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider the factors above (installation, freedom of movement, and stability) to pick the right type of pull up bar to meet your fitness needs. Hire an experienced handyman to install your home pull up bar if you are unsure about installing it yourself. 


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