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How To Check If Your Electrical Installations Are Functioning Properly

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In Singapore, electrical problems are the leading cause of domestic fires. Fortunately, these can be easily prevented by ensuring that your electrical appliances undergo proper care and maintenance. Your electrical installations must also be checked regularly so that any minor problems are detected before they turn into electrical emergencies. If you wish, you can also hire a commercial or HDB electrician to have your electrical installations tested and checked regularly. Should you wish to do it yourself however, then take note of some methods for checking if your installations function properly:


Check If They Overheat When Being Used


Singapore homeowners need power sockets to use their electrical appliances. Normally, these should remain cool no matter what kind of devices are plugged in. However, they can get warm if their electrical wiring is faulty or if they become overloaded. When these issues happen, the sockets can spark and their wires may eventually incur damage. Should you encounter them therefore, make sure to turn off your main power supply and call for an emergency electrician


Check If Your Electrical Wires Are Loose or Frayed 

Electrical wiring may become loose or faulty over time because of different reasons. At times, it can be due to vibrations and simple lack of maintenance. Animal bites from rats, dogs, and cats are also likely causes. To prevent any form of damage to your wires, make sure that they are properly connected. Visible wires should also be concealed to avoid attracting animals that may chew on them. 

Another way of ensuring that your electrical wires do not become loose or frayed is by choosing high-quality wires that have been tested and certified. That way, you lower the risk of your wires becoming damaged after just a short period of usage. It is also best to hire a reliable electrical contractor who can check your electrical wirings from time to time and perform a wiring repair or replacement if necessary.


Take Note of Any Odd Smells

There are some instances when an electrical problem can only be detected through smell. In case of a power trip, installations like electrical switches and sockets will produce a distinctive burning smell that is indicative of a loose electrical connection or short circuit. In addition, this smell could be assign that the plastic surrounding the electrical components of your installations has melted. If you experience this problem, do not attempt to perform DIY electrical troubleshooting so that you can avoid accidents and further damage to your installations. Instead, you should call a licensed electrician who can fix your electrical issues immediately. 


Check If They Emit Smoke


Similar to overloading, a short circuit causes electrical installations to heat up. At times, it can also lead to the emission of sparks and smoke due to combustible material surrounding the heated wire or component becoming burnt. Short circuits and other similar issues are usually easy to notice because of the smoke that is discharged. Once you detect smoke from your devices therefore, you should contact an emergency electrician as soon as you can to prevent your short circuit issues from escalating.


See If They Produce Any Odd Noises

At times, electrical switches and sockets and switches can produce unusual noises when they malfunction. For instance, when they have loose or arcing contacts, a buzzing sound can often be heard. In some cases, buzzing power sockets can be caused by loose wiring or defects in the appliance that is plugged in. You can usually identify which of these two is the main cause of the buzzing noise by plugging your appliance into a different outlet. If the buzzing persists, then your sockets may require an electrical repair or replacement.

Whatever noises your electrical installations produce, it is best to have a professional electrician perform electrical troubleshooting instead of trying to do electrical repairs yourself. 


Check If Your Circuit Breakers Constantly Trip


One of the most important installations in any Singapore home is a circuit breaker. This device is responsible for interrupting a high surge of electric current during a power trip or short circuit. An efficient circuit breaker can prevent fires because it automatically switches off when it detects an electrical issue. However, if you are experiencing repeated power trips with your circuit breaker, it may mean that there is something wrong with your electrical system. Whether it is because of faulty or loose wiring, you should consult with an EMA-licensed electrician so that they can perform a circuit breaker replacement or simple rewiring. 



Considering that they are an extremely important part of your home, electrical installations must always be checked and tested. Do not wait for an electrical issue to escalate as it can rapidly worsen if proper care and attention is not given immediately. Should your electrical installations have any problems, you can rely on a professional electrical service provider like Everyworks Singapore. We have skilled and knowledgeable electricians who can deal with different kinds of electrical problems. To know about our electrical services, you can visit our website and see our previous works.


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