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4 Signs You Have A Faulty Water Heater Switch



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Like most other electrical switches, a water heater switch is an important part of the typical Singapore home. This device is used to enable or disable the flow of hot water whether for bathing or washing. Although these are designed to last a long time without having any issues, there are instances when they can become defective before reaching the end of their lifespan. Once you notice issues with your water heater switch therefore, be sure to immediately contact a reliable electrician to perform an electrical repair or replacement.

The following are common signs that you have a faulty water heater switch:


Delay In Switch’s Start Time


Most water heater switches have light indicators that automatically light up when they are turned on. At times however, these indicators may fail to light up immediately due to different reasons. One of the most common among them is the inability of the metal components inside the switch to make contact. Over time, these metal parts can become loose thereby preventing electricity from flowing completely inside the water heater. In case you experience such an issue, you should hire a commercial or HDB electrician to repair it quickly.


Sparking Switch 


It is often normal for a switch to spark considering that its inner electrical components tend to create friction as they move. The sparking often stops once the contacts have enough distance between them. However, if you notice smoke coming out from your switch while it sparks as well as scorch marks, turn off your circuit breaker or main power source and immediately call an emergency electrician. Severe sparking can lead to accidents if not resolved immediately, so make sure that your water heater switch is provided with the proper electrical service it needs. 


Noisy Switch 

There can be instances when a water heater switch produces noise upon being turned on. This is usually caused by oxidation on the components of the switch as a result of long-term usage. Loose electrical wiring is also a highly possible factor. Normally simply replacing these parts can fix the problem. However, in case the noise persists despite applying this solution, it is advisable to call an electrician to perform a new water heater switch installation or replacement. 


Warm Switch


A faulty water heater switch can heat up because of wiring problems or an overloaded circuit. In any case, it is important to have the cause determined and resolved immediately by a licensed electrician to prevent the switch’s internal components from becoming permanently damaged. Besides that, leaving a warm water heater switch unattended can cause accidents which could be fatal. Your monthly power bills could end up increasing as well considering that water heaters tend to use up a higher amount of voltage than most other home appliance products



It is vital to know the common signs of a faulty water heater switch to prevent your existing electrical issues from escalating. In the process, you will also be able to save on electrical repairs and replacements as well as prevent major accidents. 

To maintain your water heater switch and secure it from any form of damage, proper care and maintenance is important. You can also contact a professional electrical servicing company like Everyworks Singapore if you want your switch or other electrical installations to be inspected. You can reach us through WhatsApp and inquire about any electrical services you might require. 


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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore

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