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8 Reasons Why Singaporeans Love Mitsubishi Electric Aircon

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]Nowadays, more and more people in Singapore are having aircons installed so that they can provide their home or workspace with cool and refreshing air. As a matter of fact, many are opting to install residential or commercial aircons from Mitsubishi Electric. To find out more about why Singaporeans love these aircons, be sure to take note of the following:


Why Are Mitsubishi Electric Aircons Popular?


One reason why many Singaporeans often install Mitsubishi aircons is that they are highly durable and are known to last a long time. Furthermore, they are designed with the latest technology so that they can provide users with increased efficiency and convenience. Mitsubishi Electric aircons are also widely popular due to the brand’s record of making top-of-the line home appliance products.


What Do Mitsubishi Electric Aircons Provide?

  • Energy Efficiency

In order to save on electricity costs, many people in Singapore would prefer to install aircons that consume minimal amounts of power without compromising on performance. As such, they tend to go for Mitsubishi Electric models since they are known to be energy-efficient

One indication that Mitsubishi aircons use up minimal energy is their high SEER ratings. SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio is a metric used to measure an aircon’s energy efficiency through the process of dividing its total cooling output by its total energy usage. The higher the SEER rating of an aircon is, the more energy efficient it is. home and office aircons from Mitsubishi tend to have a SEER rating of 10 or 11.

  • Innovative Features

A major reason why Mitsubishi Electric has always managed to come up with top-of-the-line products is its sense of innovation. In fact, most Mitsubishi Electric aircons contain features not present in models from other aircon brands. They are thus extremely easy to use and provide many benefits. For instance, a System 4 Mitsubishi Electric Starmex aircon consists of an anti-allergy enzyme filter, as well as a microparticles, catching filter. As a result, it can catch contaminants easily so that the user is provided with cleaner and healthier air. 

  • DC Fan Motor

Outdoor units from Mitsubishi come with a highly efficient DC fan motor. Since it is 60% more efficient than most aircon fan motors, it allows the unit to provide cold air at a stronger and faster rate.  

  • Magnetic Flux Sine Wave Drive

Another unique feature found in most inverter aircons from Mitsubishi is a magnetic flux sine wave drive. In truth, this is a simple microprocessor that transforms the motor’s current waveform into a sine waveform. This allows the inverter aircon to be more efficient by strengthening its motor winding utilization ratio and reducing its energy consumption.

  • Econo Cool Temperature Control

This is a feature made with intelligent technology that allows the aircon installation to adjust room temperature based on the external temperature. Room temperature can in fact be increased by 2°C without resulting in decreased comfort. This is equivalent to an estimated 20% increase in energy efficiency.

  • Durability

Many experts highly recommend Mitsubishi Electric units due to the high quality of their various aircon parts. As a matter of fact, the components with which Mitsubishi Electric aircons are made make them less likely to experience common aircon issues. Besides that, they are less likely to be damaged as compared to other air conditioner models. 

  • Reliability

Mitsubishi Electric models are considered among the most reliable aircons in Singapore. This is because they are known to work for long periods of time without experiencing any aircon emergencies. Their features also allow users to fulfill many of their aircon needs very easily. 

  • Eco-friendliness

In order to prevent unnecessary damage to the environment, Mitsubishi Electric aircons make use of R32 refrigerant. This is a newer form of gas that has extremely low ozone depletion potential and is less likely to contribute to global warming. It is also easier to recycle as compared to other types of refrigerant gases. As such, it can be reused in case an aircon gas top up needs to be performed.




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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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