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Should I Buy A Smart Switch or Smart Bulb

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Many people are choosing smart light bulbs and smart light switches because of its automatic set-up functions for their household in Singapore. These smart bulbs and smart switches have different features, and most people can’t decide between them before they have a smart switch electrically installed.

Here is some helpful information to guide you in choosing a smart bulb or a smart switch.


Smart Bulbsmart-bulb-smart-switch-everyworks-electrician-singapore

A smart bulb is a LED light kind of bulb that consumes less energy, which is also connected through a wireless WI-FI network, a Zigbee, or a Z-Wave communication protocol, and it is controlled remotely. This means you can adjust the light intensity of your light bulb and change its color using a device connected to your smart bulb.



  • Smart bulbs can be connected and controlled using a smartphone.
  • Having smart bulb lights installed is easier than installing a smart light switch because it doesn’t need an electrical wiring installation. All you have to do is remove the old bulb from the socket and replace it with a smart bulb.
  • Adding more smart bulbs can be done easily to maximize the bulb’s efficiency.



  • Most smart bulbs have e-shaped screws in their base and this can only be used if the light fixtures in your household are compatible. If it won’t fit, there that can be considered a light installation problem for your household.
  • Check your smart bulbs if they are under Zigbee protocol. If yes, a Zigbee hub will have to be installed in your household to work your smart bulb.
  • Smart bulbs are more expensive than normal bulbs in the market.
  • Smart bulbs need to be connected and enabled as soon as they are installed by a professional electrician.


Smart Switch


Aside from the smart bulbs, there is also a smart switch. Smart switches usually have an electronic module that is connected over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. An installed smart switch works by turning on or off the lights at a scheduled time and can also be adjusted depending on preferred dimming preference.

Always remember to maintain your electrical switches or have them checked by an electrician if all the wiring is connected to every part. This is so that it will not cause electrical switch issues.




  • You can save a lot by having one smart switch to control the light bulbs in your household rather than buying a lot of smart bulbs.
  • Smart switches can be used when the lighting fixtures installed do not fit with the smart bulbs.
  • Smart switches are capable of configuring multiple lights. Moreover, they are more affordable to install as compared to smart bulbs.
  • The perception that you can only use the same smart bulb and same smart switch with the same specifications is not true. In fact, you can still use the smart switch even if the smart bulbs bought are from a different brand.



  • When buying a smart switch, one thing to consider is the cost of having to re-do the wires for the smart switch to work in the power socket and also if you have the technical skills for doing this alone. Most people in Singapore do not have the right repair tool or background in doing an electrical repair in their household. When you face issues like this, you should ask for help from an emergency electrician that can do this for you to avoid future electricity emergencies.



It is important to weigh first your options in having either a smart bulb or a smart switch, and know about the pros and cons that can affect your choice on what to choose. Getting in contact with a professional electrician can also help you decide, give you advice, and be reliable for installing your smart bulbs or smart switches. At Everyworks Singapore, we have dedicated and trusted electricians to help you at a very affordable price.



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This article is reproduced from Smart Switch City Singapore.

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