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Does Aircon Light Blinking Require An Emergency Repair

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If an aircon unit is not well maintained, it can experience difficulties and completely break down. This can be a major hindrance as it means that you cannot use your installed aircon. To avoid this occurrence, make sure you are able to recognise the symptoms of a defective aircon including a blinking aircon light.

You may think that an aircon blinking light does not need an aircon repair. However, if this is not fixed right away, you may not be able to repair your unit at all. Thus, we have provided some suggestions which you must remember if your aircon light is blinking. These will help you prevent any severe aircon emergencies from happening.


Usual Causes of A Blinking Aircon Light

Lack of Maintenance

An aircon unit will eventually collect dirt and dust on both its interior and exterior parts. Filth on the outer unit is not usually a big issue. However, several issues can happen if it extends to the condenser, compressor, evaporator, and tubes. If any of these components collect excessive filth or steam, your aircon light might start blinking nonstop. When this occurs, it is ideal to contact an aircon servicing company and let them clean your unit.

Another root cause for aircon light blinking is high gas levels. Loading your installed aircon with excessive refrigerant can result in a defective compressor. Your aircon light will start to blink continually if this occurs. If there is a major impairment in the compressor, it will need to be replaced.


Filthy Air Filters


One of the major parts of an aircon unit is the aircon filters as it guarantees proper airflow. Amongst the other aircon components, aircon filters can practically change the quality of airflow. However, they need to undergo regular aircon cleaning to prevent dirt and other contaminants from accumulating. If this step is ignored, your unit cannot supply enough airflow. Having a dirty aircon filter can also result in the unit not releasing enough cold air and producing ticking or whirring noises.

If an aircon filter is excessively filthy, the aircon light will start to blink. To address this aircon issue, the filters need to undergo deep cleaning. If you are worried about damaging your installed aircon while cleaning your filters, seek the help of a professional aircon technician.


Undetected Aircon Issues

aircon-technician-aircon-light-blinking-everyworks-aircon servicing-singapore

An error code is a message that is shown by an aircon unit if it suffers from certain issues. Many aircon brands have varying ways of deciphering these codes. Therefore, it is advisable to check the manual of your unit to properly decode the message that is shown. You can also search online forums if you do not have the manual anymore.

Once you have discovered the explanation of the error code that is shown by your installed aircon, you can follow the required steps to let it function again. Although if you are struggling to do so, you should hire an aircon maintenance company instead.


Severe Reasons of Blinking Aircon Light

The reason behind blinking aircon lights is due to poor cleaning and maintenance. Several factors that contribute to blinking aircon light includes:


A refrigerant is important for any residential or commercial aircon to release adequate cold air. It needs to be regularly loaded to prevent the installed aircon from overheating. If you believe that you are performing adequate aircon gas top ups to keep your aircon functioning, there is a possibility that your unit’s refrigerant is leaking.

If it has gas leaks, then your aircon unit’s performance is suffering. Moisture can also collect on the condenser, compressor, evaporator, and filters. If you ignore this issue, your aircon can have a bad smell. Severe aircon gas leaks are threatening to your health. Therefore, you must make sure to let a professional aircon technician address the issue immediately.


Water Leakage

Clogged airflow is caused by the blocking of essential aircon components. If this happens, the aircon will start leaking tiny droplets. This can cause electrical issues such as electrical shocks and fire hazards. It can harm other home appliances too. Therefore, make sure to seek the help of an expert to fix this problem right away.


Aircon Light Blinking Causes Based on Brand




Daikin’s aircon light will usually blink if the remote’s battery is decreasing. To solve this issue, simply replace the batteries of the remote control. If not, try looking through your unit’s interior parts as they might be defective.




Typically, a blinking light on a Mitsubishi aircon model means that it needs regular maintenance. There are many instances wherein you can remove the blinking by just cleaning the aircon filters, condenser, compressor, or evaporator.



Some common reasons for a blinking LG aircon light are detached wirings, refrigerant leaks, and low gas levels. Gas leaks and low gas levels are normally easy to address, while detached wirings are caused by incorrect aircon installation. For this reason, it is recommended to have it checked by a skilled aircon technician.




Damaged wiring is the usual problem that causes a Panasonic aircon model to start blinking. Addressing the issue by yourself is not preferable, you can instead help the electrician by checking for any sparks or instant jolts of electric current in your energy supply and main unit.


When Should I Contact An Aircon Technician?

Although several blinking aircon lights are easy to solve, you may require to contact an aircon technician for helping you in the events of:


Aircon Shuts Down Constantly

An aircon light that is blinking can function as a stimulus for the safety switch system of a unit. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about if your inverter or non-inverter aircon shuts off by itself after blinking. Although if your installed aircon frequently shuts off, you may need the help of a professional aircon technician. These problems normally mean that the power circuit board might be damaged, ruptures in the tubing and gas chamber, clogged airflow, or a damaged capacitor.


Damaged Electrical Wires

Another reason for the continuous blinking of an aircon unit is due to damaged wiring. To verify this aircon issue, look for any tiny sparks and a sparking aircon noise. You can then assist your electrician in determining the problem closely.



If your installed aircon is experiencing blinking aircon lights, you might want to look through several aircon parts as there are several reasons why your unit is suffering from this issue. The most common issues are dirty filters, lack of maintenance, and unseen aircon problems. With these three situations, you can simply clean your aircon or you can decode the error code using your aircon’s manual. However, if your unit is going through severe aircon issues such as refrigerant and water leaks, frequent aircon shutdown, and damaged wirings, it may result in aircon light blinking. To ensure that your aircon does not suffer from blinking lights, it is best if you contact Everyworks Singapore. Throughout aircon servicing, we ensure that your unit is protected against any major problems.


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