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Common Issues With Your Toilet Bowl You Can Avoid

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Singaporeans tend to ignore the signs of their toilets not working well because of their busy schedules. We also take advantage of the importance of knowing which toilet bowls to install in our homes until we experience a cheap toilet bowl breaking so easily. This usually causes inconvenience and more expense when you engage toilet bowl repair services. If you want to avoid spending more money and experiencing the hassles of a broken toilet bowl, then let us talk about the things you should be aware of to prevent these from happening:




Toilet Bowl Water Leaks



Are you familiar with the sound of a toilet bowl’s water flowing even when not in use? Do you constantly hear this whenever you are in your restroom and ignore it because you think it is okay? That is what you call phantom toilet flushing. It occurs whenever a toilet continuously flushes until it refills on its own. If you want to solve this problem, the first thing that you need to do is to drain the flush tank and then remove the dirt that has been stuck under the flapper.




Toilet Seal Leaks

newly installed-white-colored-toilet-bowl-everyworks-plumber-singapore

When your toilet seal is broken, you will experience water paddles all over the bottom of your toilet bowls. This may not be a very serious issue but if it continues, you may experience a lot more trouble than you would expect. When this happens, you should not hesitate to call a professional plumber.




Weak Flushing

If you notice that your toilet bowl does not flush properly and its water level decreases, you might be experiencing a weak toilet flush. When this happens, you should check if the water holes below the bowl rim are clogged. You can check this by using a curved wire. This will also get rid of the hard water residue that might be stuck there for a long time. If you have done this step and the problem still occurs, then you should contact a recommended plumber to do the job for you.




Blocked Toilet Bowl


Most homeowners in Singapore experience clogging or toilet bowl chokes. If this happens very frequently, then you might be experiencing a more serious problem regarding your drainage system. The ways on how to fix this problem may also differ. You might need to do a p-trap toilet bowl solution or an s-trap toilet bowl. In doing these things, it is best to give it to the professionals and let an expert toilet repair company fix your problems for you.





These common problems and issues such as toilet bowl leaks, toilet seal leaks, weak flush, and toilet bowl choke can be easily prevented if you have knowledge on how to do it on your own. You can easily ignore these things because you think that it does not greatly affect you, but if these complications persist, you might experience more trouble and inconvenience. In situations like this, you should contact a professional like Everyworks Singapore to help you with your plumbing and toilet bowl problems. We can give you the best solution at very cheap prices.



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