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Reasons Why Your Toilet Leaks

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Toilet leaks are a common problem faced by many homeowners which should be attended to as soon as possible. Otherwise, leaving them unchecked for too long may cause further issues down the line.

Once you notice your plumbing leak from your toilet, immediately locate the source of the leakage to ensure that the problem is resolved by a professional as soon as possible. However, if the cause of the leakage is impossible to trace, then it’s best to contact an experienced plumber for assistance. It’s important to not repair the leak on your own as doing so may only worsen the problem.

A toilet may leak due to a variety of reasons which include the following:


Faulty Water Supply Line

A faulty water supply line is bound to cause a toilet leak if not attended to immediately. This is because water can seep in through the supply line’s joints as they deteriorate. To prevent this, have a recommended plumber install a rubber lining along the supply line.


Damaged Toilet Tank


If your toilet tank becomes damaged, cracks may form on it which may eventually result in several plumbing leaks. The reason for this is that the toilet fill valve continues to supply water regardless of the damage the toilet tank incurs. Therefore, it’s important to maintain your toilet tank so as to prevent any leakages.


Stuck Flapper

A stuck flapper is always bound to cause a severe water leak from your toilet since it can lead to heavy water loss. When this occurs, the flush handle can get stuck and fail to retract after being pushed downward. This in turn causes the toilet tank to overflow thereby resulting in a toilet leak.


Loose Toilet Connections

Many of a toilet’s connections can loosen over time due to excessive usage which can result in several problems such as a toilet bowl leak. Though installing a rubber lining is a viable solution, it can itself deteriorate eventually. As a result, most homeowners are advised to have their plumbing systems checked regularly to prevent any damaged toilet parts. If you do notice any broken components, however, make sure to immediately have them replaced.


Misshapen Flapper


It can be difficult to identify water leaks from your toilet which have been caused by a warped flapper. Hence why many refer to them as “silent leaks”. If you notice that your flapper has become deformed, then it’s possible that a mineral build-up has occurred in your toilet. If so, immediately have it cleaned up so as to prevent further issues.


Damaged Fill Valve



Like other toilet components, a fill valve can eventually deteriorate and cause several toilet leaks. This can also result from mineral deposit build-up as is the case with a warped flapper. If you notice that your toilet’s fill valve stops working properly, immediately call for professional plumbing installation services to insert a new one.



Toilet leaks are never easy to resolve on one’s own. As such, it’s always vital to contact a professional plumber to fix it for you in order to avoid causing any further issues. That way, you can make sure that your toilet functions properly and efficiently once more. For more information on our plumbing services, make sure to view our price list.

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