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Troubleshooting Common Issues With Electrical Switches

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Many types of electrical switches exist in the market and provide different functions. There are single pole switches which control light fixtures from a single location. Meanwhile, there are also 3-way switches which configure lighting from two areas. Finally, there are 4-way switches which can control light fixtures from three or more positions.

Like other electrical components, light switches can face certain issues of their own and may even require complex solutions such as a light trip repair. Thus, if you notice that your light switch is in need of fixing, immediately contact a professional electrician to assist you.

Studying and analyzing any switch-related issue is important. However, if you’re unsure about how to identify any problems with your switch, then feel free to explore the following list:


Problem: Flickering Light Bulb or Light Fixture


A flickering light fixture can be caused by many factors such as loose wiring or a damaged bulb. Replacing the bulb is a viable solution in most cases. However, it may not be a permanent fix if the cause of the flicker involves defects within the electrical switch.

If you notice that your light fixture starts flickering, then immediately have your switch examined by a professional. Though you could easily resolve this issue alone, it would still be best to contact a licensed electrician in order to prevent it from occurring in the future.


Problem: Damaged Electrical Wiring


In some cases, a malfunctioning light switch can be attributed to damaged electrical wiring and short circuits. When this occurs, many of your electrical appliances including your light fixture may fail to work properly. Accidents may also occur if contact is made with the damaged wires. In that case, immediately contact professional electrical services to prevent any major incidents.


Problem: Turning On Electrical Switch Causes Fuse or Circuit Breaker Trip

Another switch-related issue involves a power trip within the fuses or circuit breakers after a switch is turned on. This can occur due to short circuits caused by wires making contact with each other. Damaged electrical wiring due to long-term usage and rodents is also another possible factor. In either case, have a professional do an electrical wiring repair or replacement to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.


Problem: Electrical Switches Heat Up When Used

Electrical switches such as wall switch and heater switch may heat up upon long-term usage. This can be caused by overloading whereby more electrical power is being transported than is necessary. Faulty electrical wiring is another possible factor.

Leaving this problem unattended can cause major accidents. As such, it’s important to contact a professional electrician to examine it so it can be resolved immediately.


Problem: Damaged Electrical Switches


A damaged electrical switch can be indicated by several signs. This includes the absence of a “snap” upon flipping the switch. Odd noises such as buzzing may also emanate from your switch while it’s operating. However, the most notable sign that your switch may be damaged is when it begins to spark after being turned on. This can occur not only with light switches, but circuit breaker switches and electrical outlet switches as well.

If your electrical switch begins to show signs of damage, make sure to have it repaired immediately via professional electrical services.

Thanks to strict regulations on electrical components, electrical switches in Singapore are considered to be safer compared to those sold in other countries. That said, they can still experience issues if not maintained properly. Should you ever face any light switch-related issues, then don’t hesitate to contact Everyworks Singapore for assistance. View our price list for more information on our electrical services.

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