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Choosing Light Switches For Your House

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In need of a light switch for your new or recently renovated house? Don’t worry as there are plenty of different light switches out there in the market for you to choose from!

Choosing a light switch in Singapore is not an exactly as easy as it sounds especially when you’re required to just pick a few among the ones with your preferred features.


Types of Light Switches

Light switches come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and functionalities. Take a look at some types below to aid your decision:

Single Pole / 1-Gang Switch: This type of light switch is considered to be one of the most commonly used ones in Singapore. As such, a single pole switch uses a simple on and off toggle in order to control devices, receptacles, and lights from a single location. Flipping this switch on single pole models either connects or disconnects the circuit. You are required to wire the switch in a correct direction to ensure that the markings match the position of the light switches. Single-pole light switches are also likely to have two brass screws on either side of the switch. These brass terminals then house the incoming and outgoing hot wire. Additionally, a green ground terminal can also be found in such light switches.


Double-Way Switch: Like single-pole light switches, a double-pole light switch also has a green ground screw and uses an on/off toggle and controls devices such as receptacles and lights from a single location. With its four brass terminals, it can effectively house two different hot wires. This indicates that these double-pole models can switch to a 240-volt circuit. Remember to hire a certified electrician in Singapore if you are thinking of installing double-way switches. This ensures that the light switches are properly and professionally installed.


3-Gang Switch: This kind of light switch usually comes in pairs and allows you to properly turn the lights on and off from two different locations. Usually, a 3-way switch is ideally installed in long hallways. A 3-way switch design is considered to be more complicated than other kinds of switches out there.

The hot wire found in this design is connected to the common screw (COM), while the remaining terminal is used to wire the leads for the switches. Like the previously discussed light switches, a 3-way light switch also comes with a green ground screw.

There are also 4-gang switches which can be combined with 3-gang switches in order to control lights from three or more locations. You can easily spot a 4-way light switch by its four different terminals.


Water Heater Switches

Water heater switches usually come in 20amp and are recommended to be installed by a qualified electrician. This is because a water heater switch needs to be correctly wired to the water heater, as well as, your home’s circuit breaker or DB Box.


Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are commonly installed for lights that have ambience lighting. Dimmer switches can come in many classic styles to fit the design of your home perfectly. It is best to replace or install a new dimmer switch if it emits a crackling sound, produce sparks, produces a flickering light, or simply not performing as well as it should be.


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