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HDB Door Lock Replacement

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Ensuring safety and security is always vital, especially when it comes to your main HDB door locks. As is the case with other types of products and hardware in your HDB home, door locks installed may require constant fixing and door repair servicing in order for you to be secure.


Importance Of Maintaining HDB Door Locks

Compared to traditional door locks, newer door locks are more likely to guarantee your safety due to their more sophisticated technology. As a result, however, they also require a much higher amount of support and servicing. In order to provide your locks with the proper level of maintenance, seeking help from a respected handyman service is necessary to ensure your security.










Common HDB Door Lock Problems

Some of the usual door lock problems experienced by HDB homeowners include the following:


  • Damaged Key While Unlocking Door

To experience breaking your key while unlocking your door can be greatly frustrating, especially when it occurs late at night. In case you find yourself in this predicament, feel free to contact Everyworks Singapore to provide you with assistance via our door lock repair services.


  • Door Lock Seizure

Experiencing a door lock seizure is a common door lock problem faced by many, especially for those residing in older houses. Often, when a door lock seizure occurs, it becomes difficult to turn your key despite being able to insert it in the lock. Some causes of this include moisture, a rusting door knob, or any other mechanical issue. In case you face this problem, it’s best to avoid forcing your key to turn so as to avoid further damaging your lock. Instead, it’s best to contact an experienced handyman to get the issue solved via a door knob and door lock replacement.


  • Uneven Door Latch

In the event that your main door or bedroom doors fail to lock or close as they should, you may have to consider the possibility of having an uneven or misaligned door latch. A misaligned latch simply means that an alignment issue is present with your door’s latch bolt and its strike plate. This usually occurs as a result of an improperly installed door or one that has been affected by heat and moisture.

To fix a misaligned latch, the associating door lock will need to be disassembled then reinstalled with the proper size. Otherwise, the door hinge may have to be repositioned and reaffixed. To ensure that this problem is correctly resolved, immediately contact Everyworks Singapore to provide you with the assistance needed.








  • Difficulty In Inserting Key

For many HDB homeowners, simply inserting a key into a door lock can become a hassle especially after a long period of usage. Oftentimes, a key may not turn once inserted or may not fit into the door lock at all. To resolve this, you could attempt to spray your HDB door lock with silicone spray or graphite or lubricate it with oil. Otherwise, a HDB door lock replacement or repair may be required through the help of a professional handyman.


Jammed Bolt or Defective Lock

Attempting to pick a lock all by yourself is risky because any mistake made can prevent your door from properly locking again. As such, it’s best not to try and resolve such a complicated issue on your own as it may only cause further damage. Instead, don’t hesitate to seek the help of experienced lock professionals to fix the problem for you considering that they have more knowledge and better expertise.

In resolving a nonworking lock or jammed bolt, a handyman will usually open the entire cylinder mechanism. Otherwise, doing a door knob and door lock replacement might be your best and only solution.


Unsteady Door Knob

Door knobs becoming loose over time is not an uncommon experience. Should you struggle with this, tightening the knob is customary. Although the proper tightening method depends on what specific type of lock you have. For example, if your door knob is screwed using mortise locks, you can simply unfasten the screws on the plate then tighten them from the other end. Doing a complete door knob replacement is not usually necessary, but if you wish to do so, don’t hesitate to avail of our door repair services. View our price list for more information.










Why You Should Contact A Handyman

When it comes to any door lock or door knob related issues, having a professional handyman to assist you can be highly convenient. As such, make sure to contact one immediately to resolve your mechanical problems with ease.


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