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Common Light Installation Problems in Singapore 

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Occasional light installation issues happen every now and then in most households. But before any homeowner delves into any kind of electrical services, they should first know the variety of light installation problems that they might encounter. Following that, they should call an electrician who is able to better troubleshoot the electrical issue and get it fixed.  A few of the common light problems you might encounter are: 













  • Light Bulbs Burn Out 

If the light bulbs in your house burn out quickly, even after you just installed a new one, you should urgently look into the root cause of the issue. There are supposedly various reasons behind this light installation problem. If you use bulbs with a higher wattage than recommended, it is more likely that this burn out occurred because of this very reason. Be cautious about troubleshooting such light installations yourself as it is dangerous to be poking around electrical fittings without following electrical safety practices. 


  • Flickering Lights 

As the flickering lights still show that the electrical power is working, it must be quickly addressed before it leads to a power trip. Flickering lights may make you think it has something to do with the lights, it could also mean that it is a sign pointing to a light switch repair. Remember to narrow down the issue by observing when and where the light is flickering from. 











  • Bright Lights and Dim Lights 

Most homeowners can usually detect whether light installations are brighter or dimmer than usual. Such problems are usually caused by a damaged neutral connection and when this happens, you should immediately call Everyworks Electrician Singapore. To avoid this type of issue, do not attempt any kind of DIY lighting installation when you do not have any electrical experience. 


Other Light Problems 

  • Problems with ceiling light fixtures caused by a light switch 

Oftentimes, the light problem comes from the light switch. When light fixtures flicker in such scenarios, you should quickly engage a trusted electrician and opt for electrical switch services. 








  • Problems with the recessed lights 

Recessed lights also known as downlights or can lights face common light installation issues like normal light fixtures. Hence, they are also subjected to similar lighting repair services. However, keep in mind that recessed lights are equipped with limit switches designed to turn off the light fixture when it heats on an unsafe level. 


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