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How to Replace A Light in Singapore?

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Light fixtures installed in residential and commercial areas are an essential part of our daily lives, so when they become faulty and pose an inconvenience to us, we immediately seek to rectify it. We can conduct electrical installations by ourselves, but for safety reasons, you could also engage an electrician to provide such light services 


Here are the steps to take to replace your lights, even if it’s for you to follow, or to take note when an electrician is doing it to ensure they are doing it properly.  










Prepare tools needed and switch off power supply  


Before replacing the lights, you would need to ensure that you have all the essential tools for it. The tools include a mounting hardware, wire cutters, voltage detector, short copper wires (for joining), screwdriver, wire connectors, electricity tester, and head lamps.  


It is a safety protocol to switch off the power supply before starting on any light repair or replacement. In order to do so, the electrician would need to know beforehand which switches are directly linked to the specific lighting and typically leaves a mark for easy identification.  










Remove the existing faulty lights 

When it comes to light installation, the assembly of wirings is hidden as it is covered by a canopy. Open up the light cover by removing the screws holding it together. A set of black, red, and green cables can be seen after opening up the canopy which you have to unscrew from your wall or ceiling. Ensure that these 3 wires are completely disconnected from the light fixture before connecting it to the new one.   


Remove the old light fixture from the ceiling or wall when the wires are fully disconnected. Now that you are ready to install the new light fixture, you will have to track back the steps of dismantling and get them screwed back. Have a heavy or a more sophisticated type of light fixture? Hire an experienced electrician as they are able to avoid the common light installation issues and handle all types of light fixtures well.   










Connect new wirings and install new light fixture  


Ensure that the light mounting bracket is tightly screwed onto the ceiling. To do so, use a single base plate as the mounting structure on the ceiling if needed. Certain light fixtures come with their own mounting base and in such cases, the electrician does not need to provide you with a metallic mounting bar.  


With the help of new wire connectors, connect the electrical wirings of the new light fixture to the wirings in the ceiling. The black wire of the new fixture is to be connected to the existing black wire of the ceiling. On the other hand, the white cable should be connected to the existing white wire only. Wrap the copper or the green wire around the green screw on the mounting bar. Otherwise, you can also directly connect it to the copper wire of the ceiling.  












Install the new light fixture to the ceiling. Do note that some ceiling light fixtures may come with a chain, the length of which should be adjusted for perfect installation. Carefully hide the chain inside the canopy. Securely fit the entire fixture by tightening the screws on it. 


Test the light fixture 

Finally, test out the newly replaced light fixture. Ensure safety first then switch on the power supply to check if the light is working well. If not, call Everyworks Electrician Singapore to send over their best electricians to fix your light fixture at an affordable electrician price

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This article is reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore

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