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3 Most Common Types of Power Sockets Found in Singaporean Homes



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The number of electrical appliances and devices available for work and leisure has increased significantly in the last few decades. Examples include ceiling fan installations, electrical switches, and many others. Nonetheless, some electronics are manufactured for a specific country or region only. In order for you to be able to use them, they need to be compatible with the power sockets installed in your home. Thus, you will need to check their material and power rating. Having an idea about the different power socket types is essential as well.

Once you are familiar enough with the different power socket types that are commonly installed in Singapore, you can quickly determine if your electrical installations and devices are compatible. You will also have a better idea what adapter you should buy to be able to use them. Accordingly, here is some information on the three common power socket types used by Singaporeans:


Type G Power Socket


Many consider the Type G power socket as the most commonly installed power socket in Singapore. This is built with  three holes which is meant to accommodate three-pin plugs. Besides that, it has a current rating of 13 amperes.

People often use this electrical outlet for home appliances which do not require heavy amounts of power. Examples include table lamps, ironing devices, and mobile chargers. In case you prefer to use this outlet with devices that consume high amounts of energy such as plug-in downlights or recessed lights, you will have to make use of a spike buster or extender board.


Type M Power Socket


Various households in Singapore have been increasingly using high-energy consuming home appliances such as ovens, aircons, and clothes dryers. In order to enable these appliances to function at maximum capacity, it is best that they be plugged into a Type M power socket. This electrical outlet has the ability to withstand a current level of up to 15 amperes and is built with three holes. However, considering that these holes are relatively larger, you might not be able to use them with plugs made for Type G sockets.


Waterproof Power Socket


In recent years, many people in Singapore have been installing their electrical switches and other devices outdoors. Most have waterproof sockets installed to prevent these devices from experiencing a short circuit during rainy periods.

Waterproof power sockets are often set up in apartments and front porch balconies. As with  most power socket installations in Singapore, it consists of a current rating of 13 Amperes. It also includes a cover to prevent it from getting splashed with water. You can simply lift this cover to allow connectors, plugs, or wires to pass through.



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