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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Storage Water Heater

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Instant water heaters have become a hit among Singaporean homeowners that, in the last decade, more companies are selling them. Besides the popularity of instant water heaters, you can still find storage water heaters installed in several homes. If you have an old or a defective water heater, you may want to replace or install your water heater with a new one.

Are you satisfied having a storage water heater for your home or property? We listed the benefits and disadvantages of getting a new storage water heater available in the market today.



Affordable Installation Service


Hiring a professional to install your storage water heater is inexpensive as compared to the cost of installing an instant water heater. If you got a storage water heater from top brands (e.g., Rheem, Ariston, or Joven), you only need to pay for the electrical wiring, water piping connection, and wall installation.  You might have heard the misconceptions about instant water heaters online and through word of mouth, but one thing you should be ready for is the expensive installation cost. Despite its small size, installing instant water heaters require modifications in your bathroom and gas piping, making the overall installation a challenging task.


Efficient Water Heating


When using gas water heaters, the loss heat turns into heated gas. Contrarily, electric water heaters convert most electrical energy into heat energy. Thus, a storage water heater installation proves efficient compared to its gas-type counterpart. If you want to decrease your energy bill or power usage for water heating, you can install an energy-efficient water heater with modern materials and temperature controls.


Quick and Simple Maintenance Work


Gas heaters come with additional connections, and the possibility of a gas leak can be dangerous and complicated to repair. When installing an electric storage water heater, you need electricity to warm your water and minimal maintenance when the wiring is done professionally. Nowadays, types of storage water heaters come with a modern maintenance panel for easy-access maintenance work.


Highly Safe

Gas power water heaters are likely to develop gas leaks. Gas pipe leaks may develop from accidents and low maintenance work. However, when you follow the safety precautions when using an electric water heater and have professional electrical wiring work, the possibility of developing faults and water heater leaks are lower.


Power Supply Compatible


If you are looking to replace your water heater, find the water heater type suitable for your home. Luckily, most storage water heaters are electric-powered, and most homes have an electric power supply capable of handling large appliances – making installation easy. However, most homes do not have gas piping, and it can take time to complete the installation service. If you see signs of water heater failure, changing into a gas-powered water heater may require a higher installation budget.

Some popular water heater brands in Singapore, such as Ariston and Joven, sell electric storage water heaters. The water heater models have modern designs, advanced features, and lower prices. Likewise, you can purchase electric heaters online and in physical stores, making it easy to find the best model according to your budget and space.



Energy Loss 

Homeowners also have to consider the power loss when selecting either an instant water heater or storage water heater to install. Storage heaters warm stored water until it reaches the set temperature. Thus, one of the common issues with storage water heaters experienced by homeowners is heat loss. Fortunately, modern designs offer better insulation to reduce heat loss and keep your water heated for a long time. When using a storage water heater, know that heat is lost due to ambient temperature – which may lead to an increase in the utility bills when the water heaters are used.


Difficulty In Operating

Is the water not hot enough? One of the common water heater issues experienced by storage water heater owners is when the water is not too hot by the time they use it. Before calling for a repair service, know how long your storage water heater should take to warm the water. This detail would let you know when you can use the heater water, how to maintain it, and avoid switching on your water heater for a long time as it may lead to higher energy consumption.


Heating vs Storing

Instant water heater only provides warm water when needed with no heat loss. The efficiency and convenience are some of the reasons why you should opt for an instant water heater installation.  One main difference between a storage water heater and an instant water heater is heat loss. Storage water heater needs to store heated water for some time, resulting in heat loss.


Bulky Size


You may have read and listed all the best storage water heaters in Singapore to choose from, but they can still be too big in houses with small bathroom spaces. Installing a storage water heater could be challenging and costly even for experienced water heater technicians.



Storage water heaters have their pros and cons – which we must weigh to see if the storage water heater is best suited for your needs. You must also check water heater features before purchasing one. If you opt for a storage water heater, engage a professional to help properly install it.


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This article was reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore.

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