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4 Common Misconceptions About Instant Water Heaters

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When you want to purchase a water heater, you need thorough research. Unfortunately, not everyone does the adequate search, from buying to installing an instant water heater. You may end up believing in hearsays and misconceptions about instant water heaters and will not subscribe to water heater installation services. Shorten your search by getting to know the 4 rumors that have been going around about instant water heaters.


Their Maintenance Is Costly


The talk about high maintenance costs is a misconception that has been passed around among some water heater customers. In fact, you end up saving energy up to 20%. Water heaters are energy efficient. You only need to heat your water for a few minutes according to the length of use. Lower energy consumption is one of the biggest reasons you should opt for an instant water heater

Nowadays, most brands offer different levels of energy efficiency levels. Depending on your budget and needs, consider this feature when deciding whether you should install a storage or instant water heater


They Don’t Supply Enough Hot Water


You may have heard some people talking about the lack of warmth and amount of water when using instant water heaters. The misconception keeps spreading, making it a common water heater issue. However, instant water heaters provide ample water and heat your need. They may be tankless, but water gets heated as it passes your tap, giving you control of the water flow and heating. Instant heating is a convenient feature of your brand new instant water heater


They Are Dangerous To Use 

Another misconception about purchasing different types of instant and storage water heaters is the fear of scalding or freezing water. Some people still believe it is a water heater problem, preventing them from purchasing even from popular brands such as Ariston or Joven. If you are buying an instant water heater, you can easily adjust the thermostat according to your heating preference, preventing scalding and even freezing water from coming out. 


They All Work The Same


You can find various popular water heater brands in Singapore, like Rheem and more. Each brand also offers instant water heaters per model, materials, and extra features. Some water heaters look minimalistic, but they provide enough functions you need. Contact professional water heater technicians for a proper water heater installation when you finally get an instant water heater. 



Getting the best instant water heaters in Singapore makes your shower or bath experience extra special. Don’t let the misconceptions stop you from installing water heaters. You can save energy and money when you get one for your home. The heat selection also allows you to use warm water anytime you want. Should you need water heater repair or replacements, call professional water heater technicians at Everyworks Singapore and start enjoying the benefits of instant water heaters now! They can also fix water heater leaks and provide other water heater repairs you need. 


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This article was reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore.

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