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How to Change Downlights or Recessed Lights In False Ceiling

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When it comes to a light replacement for your downlight or recessed lights, you have the option of either calling a licensed electrician or doing the process yourself. In the case of the latter, it is vital that you keep a few important things in mind. Among them are the components you need to install your downlights, the steps you need to take before doing so, the problems you might face, and ways to prevent accidents such as electrical socket/switch shocks while conducting the process.


Important Equipment Needed During A Downlight Installation

Besides equipping yourself with a downlight repair kit, there are certain components which you will need to properly do a light installation for your downlights. These include the following:

  • Light Fittings: Many professional electricians consider light fittings as the most vital tool required when conducting any form of light installation. Without them, other light parts can loosen and even break.
  • Light Drivers: When doing an electrical installation for downlights, it is important to prepare their corresponding drivers. These components are also known as control gears and transformers and serve to turn the electricity released by the grid into voltage or current.
  • Spring Clips: Spring clips are another vital part to have when installing your downlights. Because these function to hold the downlights in place, it’s important to ensure that they are in good condition so that you do not need to repair your lights


Things to Remember Before Doing A Downlight Replacement


Besides taking note of the important parts needed when replacing downlights, there are also several things which you should not forget before starting the process.

  • To begin with, downlights are widely used as they help in making the interior of your home look sophisticated and seamless. As a matter of fact, they stand out more than decorative ceiling lights.
  • When doing a downlight installation, remember that you have the right light switches set up. If you have dimmer switches installed for instance, make sure that they are compatible with your bulbs. If not, you might experience flickering.
  • Preparing all tools needed for replacing your downlights is also vital to avoid any light installation mistakes.
  • To prevent issues such as a power trip while installing your downlights, inspect your main supply to see if it is disabled. That way, you will be able to guarantee that no electricity passes through the circuit as your fixtures are being set up. Otherwise, you might end up electrocuting yourself when plugging your downlights into their respective power sockets.
  • When affixing your downlights, remember to detach the casing. This is so you can release the clips which you will use to attach the lights to the ceiling.
  • If your downlights don’t have a wiring cable connector, you might need to have them rewired by a reliable electrical contractor.
  • If you want to install downlights in different areas, you might need to have someone do some drilling, cutting, and plastering to your ceiling. In that case, try to call an electrical contractor to know what changes might need to be done.


Potential Downlight Replacement Problems

As with other light installation works, changing your downlights can result in some light installation problems including the following:

  • Wrong Model: Using the wrong downlight model can be highly inconvenient as some light bulb types can only be set up on certain ceilings. So, make sure to examine your home’s interior design as thoroughly as you can and study which downlight is most suitable to install. In case you need help, try consulting professional light services.
  • Wrong Size: At times, homeowners fail to buy a downlight model with the right fit. Because of this, their light installations become loose and even sustain damage. To prevent this from happening, remember to closely examine if the downlight which you are buying has the correct measurements.
  • Incorrect Downlight Colour: Always see to it that the downlights you buy matches your house’s light switches and other light fixtures. Otherwise, your home’s interior might end up looking visually unpleasing. To ensure consistency, try closely studying your light bulbs’ colour and brightness level.
  • Installation Problems: Setting up downlights alone can result in different electrical installation problems since there are various technical steps involved. As such, it is better to call an electrician for help. That way, you will be able to prevent any problems even after your bulbs have been installed.


Tips To Prevent Accidents When Replacing Downlights

For you to prevent any accidents when setting up your newly bought downlights, be sure to adhere to these general electrical safety tips:

  • Avoid touching your electrical sockets and wires while your hands are damp. To best protect yourself, make use of rubber shoes or gloves.
  • Remember to cover any power socket installations which are not in use and avoid touching them with metal objects.
  • Try unplugging all other electrical appliances from your power socket when installing your downlights to avoid a power overload.
  • Should you experience any electrical faults with your power sockets or light switch installations, immediately disable your power supply by switching off the safety switch on your electrical board/panel.
  • If you need to unplug anything from your electrical outlets, pull the plug at the base and not by the cord.
  • Ensure that the electrical tools you have are durable enough so that they do not break while you tinker with certain electrical parts like your electrical outlets




Like other electrical works, installing downlights isn’t exactly easy. Even if you have the correct model and necessary tools, you’ll still need to make changes to your ceiling so that your bulbs can fit properly. What’s more, their electrical wiring needs to be installed too and linked to the nearest light switch.

So that your downlights are installed correctly, feel free to call Everyworks Singapore. We can provide you with any light installations you need and other electrical services you require. For more information on our servicing costs, be sure to check our price list.


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