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Things To Look Out When Installing A New Electrical Outlet At Home

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Trying to install a power socket or electrical outlet which you just bought isn’t exactly easy. Besides adhering to general electrical safety tips, you also need to remember the many technical steps required. If not, you might risk even more electrical damage and even cause accidents. So in order to help you, we’ve prepared a number of important things to keep in mind when doing a power socket installation.


Tools Required When Installing A Power Socket

  1. Saw
    When replacing your power socket, you’ll first need a saw to create a square-shaped hole in your wall. Although you could use other cutting instruments for this step, it’s best that you saw to avoid misshaping the hole.
  2. Measuring Tape
    A power socket installation also requires the use of a measuring tape. This is needed in order to measure specific areas and to see which spaces need cutting.
  3. Drilling Machine
    A drilling machine with a long wire is another vital tool to have when installing a power socket. This is meant to assist you in cutting long pieces of hardwood and to fasten the screws much more efficiently.
  4. Wire Cutters
    Power Socket Installation may prove difficult if you don’t equip yourself with wire cutters. This will help you cut excess electrical wires easily as well as protect you from electrocution.
  5. Flashlight
    In order to properly install a power socket, you need as much light as possible. So consider equipping yourself with a flashlight to ensure that the area around your power socket is as bright as possible.
  6. Voltage Detector
    Though you don’t actually need a voltage detector when installing a power socket, it can be extremely helpful in protecting you against electric shocks.


Important Components Required When Installing A Power Socket


Besides the tools mentioned, replacing a non-working power socket requires that you have the following components on hand:

  1. New Outlet

Needless to say, a power socket installation can’t be conducted if you don’t have the outlet itself. Check that the model you purchase is of the right type, is durable enough to last for a long time, and contains the right voltage amount.

  1. Electrical Box

Before you install your power socket, be sure that you have its corresponding electrical box. This is needed to enclose the outlet to prevent it from becoming damaged should a power trip suddenly occur.

  1. Electrical Wires

For your power socket to work properly, it’s vital that you prepare its electrical wires. In addition, make sure that these have the right measurements to prevent any severe problems with your electrical installation.

These are only some of the parts required to install a power socket. For other components which you may need, don’t hesitate to consult a licensed electrician.


Power Socket Installation Steps


Now that you’re familiar with the parts and tools needed, make sure to keep the following steps in mind as you install your new power socket:

  • Safety is always a must when it comes to any form of electrical work. So to avoid electrocuting yourself while you install your power socket, don’t forget to disable your main power supply. You can try putting a label on it so that it doesn’t get switched on as your new outlet is being fixed.
  • After turning off your power supply, remove the screws of your old electrical socket just as you would with a light switch. Be sure to make use of the right screwdriver so you don’t damage the screws.
  • Once you’ve detached the cover plate, cut all electrical wires connected to your old power socket. Be sure to practice extra caution with this step to avoid electrical shocks.
  • After you’ve removed the cover plate of your old outlet and cut its electrical wires, you can now install your new power socket. Remember to install the wires in their proper place and replace the power socket casing.
  • After you’re done setting up your new power socket and fixing its electrical wiring, use a multimeter to check if it works properly. If not, try seeing if your power socket’s components and wires have been installed correctly. Otherwise, call an electrical contractor to troubleshoot the issue for you.



Now that you’re familiar with the process of installing a power socket as well as the tools and parts required, you can now do so easily. But should you continue to face difficulty, feel free to contact Everyworks Singapore. Our professional electricians can assist you in installing your new outlet efficiently. To know more about the costs of our electrical services, make sure to check out our price list.


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