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How to Protect Electrical Appliances from a Sudden Power Trip

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Protecting your electrical appliances from a power trip is highly needed. Otherwise, you might experience accidents such as an electrical socket or switch shock. What’s more, there’s a chance that you’ll end up spending high amounts in electrical repairs.

So that your appliances don’t face issues requiring troubleshooting by an electrical contractor, you need to know the various ways by which to secure them. By doing so, you can ensure that they don’t become unusable in case your home’s light installations suddenly go out.


Turn Off Your Power Supply


Any sort of power trip on your switches or power sockets can lead to detrimental damage to your appliance. Among the things you can do to prevent them is by turning off your power supply, especially when you leave your home. This will help you avoid appliance damage during lightning strikes or when your light installations suddenly go out. In addition, you’ll be able to prevent any accidents as well.


Make Use of A Surge Protector

Disabling your power supply constantly to avoid damage to your light switches and appliances can be highly tedious. If so, then try buying a surge protector instead to better avoid the need for expensive socket, switch, and electrical wiring repairs. A surge protector refers to a device which monitors electricity flow as well as power supply levels. This comes in two types namely:

  • Point-of-use surge protectors: these are usually plugged into a standard electrical socket and are designed to secure your appliances from power surges which take place after a minor power failure.
  • Whole house surge protectors: these are made to secure all your devices and appliances in case a power trip occurs on your electrical outlet or light switch. Normally, licensed electricians link them to the main distribution board or electrical panel for the entire home’s electricity flow to be monitored.

Purchasing a point of sale surge protector might be your best option if there are only a few home appliance products that you need to secure. These include gadgets, fridges, and washing machines. Furthermore, it is highly energy-efficient and might be useful if your house’s energy consumption is only minimal.

In contrast, if you reside in an HDB flat and aren’t sure what devices and appliances need securing, then try having a whole house surge protector installed by a reliable electrical contractor. Through this, you can ensure that all your appliances are well-protected.




If power trips are a common occurrence in your home, then it might be best to engage a professional electrician to conduct troubleshooting. If not, you’re likely to face even worse electrical issues especially if you lack proper and regular electrical maintenance. For the best electrical services, be sure to contact Everyworks Singapore.


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