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Installing LED Light to Replace Fluorescent Lights

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Doing an electrical installation to replace your fluorescent light with LED bulb can be extremely difficult, especially when done for the first time. Various general electrical safety tips need to be followed and you might even experience some common light installation issues. Not only that, but accidents like electric socket and switch shocks can possibly happen if you are not careful.

In order for you to avoid any inconveniences, here are a number of guidelines to help you choose the best LED lights for your room and install your lights properly. By exploring these, you’ll be able to ensure that all your home’s light installations are well set-up.


Why Should I Switch To LED Lights?


Many consider LED bulbs to be much more useful than fluorescent lights due to their enhanced materials. Besides that, here are some other reasons for why you should have a professional electrician install them:

  1. They Are Cost-effective: Among the many reasons for why you should install LED lights is that they use up less power, which prevents high electric bills. Furthermore, they are highly affordable and most even come with a warranty so that you can have light services replace them for free in case they get damaged.
  2. They Are Less Likely To Flicker: Most light installations like substandard downlights or recessed lights tend to flicker due to their low-quality materials. In contrast, LED light installations are less likely to do so as they are built with enhanced technology. As such, they are much more durable and last much longer.
  3. They Have Improved Lighting: A common lighting issue which many homeowners face with their ceiling lights is dim lighting which results in a bleak atmosphere. Fortunately, LED lights produce better-quality lighting to allow for enhanced brightness. They can also include temperature features such color rendering so that your room looks as lively as possible once you flip on your light switch.


Tips On Switching To LED Lights

  • LED lights can be installed by a licensed electrician for various lighting fixtures like chandeliers, ceiling lights, lamps, dimmable lights, and downlights. So don’t worry about choosing which bulb type might be best.
  • LED lights consume less voltage than fluorescent lights. So make sure you install them into power sockets which don’t have a high voltage requirement. Otherwise, you might end up experiencing a fire hazard.
  • LED lights aren’t omnidirectional like fluorescent bulbs and certain hanging light fixtures. Because of this, they can distribute light much more evenly and across a wide area.
  • LED light bulbs come in various colors including day white, candle, blue sky, cool white, warm white, and many others. If you’re unsure which color scheme is appropriate for your room, seek advice from a reliable electrical contractor.


Things To Remember When Installing LED Lights








When installing LED lights, take note that many LED bulbs available in the market are made by different manufacturers so they have different voltages. Thus, you should never forget your electrical sockets’ voltage requirements before purchasing a new LED bulb. If you insert a new lightbulb with the wrong voltage, issues like a power trip can occur.

  • To protect yourself from electric shocks while installing LED lights, consider wearing insulated gloves.
  • Before installing your newly-bought LED lights, carefully detach the reflectors on their back. By doing this, you’ll be able to prevent damage to the electrical wiring. Only then can you reinstall the reflectors once the installation process has finished.
  • Another important electrical installation safety tip is disabling your power supply before setting up your LED lights. This will help you avoid any major accidents such as electric shocks especially when you need to work with your electrical outlets.


Best LED Lights To Install In Your Room

Knowing which LED lights are most appropriate for your room can at times be confusing. So here are some guidelines to help you decide:

  • Bedroom: Calling an electrical contractor to set up warm or colored LED lights in your bedroom can make the atmosphere more cozy. As a matter of fact, research has proved that they increase your brain’s melatonin levels which helps you sleep better.
  • Living Room: Most living rooms are spacious. As such, doing the wrong light switch installations  can make some corners of the living room dim. Fortunately, setting them up with multiple LED lights distributed evenly can ensure equal brightness across the living room.
  • Kitchen: No homeowners would like to prepare their food in darkness. But by calling an electrician to install LED lights in your kitchen, you’ll be able to have enough brightness to help you cook your meals much more efficiently.
  • Office: Replacing the lights in your office with LED lights can better enhance workplace productivity as they have higher amounts of brightness. Besides that, they can help make sure that you and your employees remain energized, focused, and alert while performing important tasks.


Contact Everyworks Singapore

To make sure that your LED lights are well-installed, feel free to call Everyworks Singapore. Our professional electricians perform various electrical services at affordable costs. They can also ensure that all electrical installations you require are done without any hassles whatsoever. As such, you’ll be able to provide your home with bright and comfortable lighting.


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