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Like light switches, power sockets are vital in helping us fulfill our electrical needs. In fact, making use of electrical devices and appliances would be highly difficult without them.

A power socket is an electrical installation that links electronics to the AC power supply. Every power socket available in the market varies in terms of size, rating, connector type, and voltage. After you’ve decided on the most appropriate power sockets for your home, engage a licensed electrician to set them up for you. Furthermore, make sure to keep in mind the indications for when a power socket replacement or repair is needed.


Reasons To Engage A Professional Electrician

Seeking the help of a reliable electrician is highly important especially if your power sockets get burnt or experience other electrical issues which need to be troubleshot. This is because attempting to repair your power sockets yourself might cause even more serious problems.

  • Old Power Sockets

Some houses might be structured in a way that prevents them from supporting updated electrical installations. As such, their outlets are more likely to overload when used with modern devices. This can result in a power trip occurring which in turn can lead to a fire. Thus, if you feel that your power sockets are not up to date, contact a reliable electrical contractor to upgrade them as soon as possible.

  • Dim or Flickering Light Bulbs

Bulb flickering is a common light installation problem faced by homeowners. But besides that, it can also be a warning sign that your power sockets need replacing or fixing. The reason for this is that flickering can be caused by overloading. So if you face this problem, contact an electrician to look at your electrical system in order to find out if a power socket replacement or repair is required.

  • Power Sockets That Are Warm To Touch

Like your house’s light switches, power sockets should be cool to touch. If not, it’s possible that you might have a circuit overload. In that case, call an emergency electrician to have your electrical wiring repaired or replaced.

  • Lack of Installed Power Sockets

It’s a fact that older houses in Singapore lack power sockets or may not have one at all. Thus, if you’re moving into a new house without an outlet to plug your appliances in, have an electrician install a power socket for you.


Singapore Power Socket Standards


The standard power socket used in Singapore is the type G outlet which has a frequency of 50 Hz and a standard voltage of 230 volts. A type G power socket usually consists of safety switches. Moreover, they can only be used with type G electrical plugs which include a protective fuse to avoid power trips that can cause the electrical socket to stop working.


How To Detect Power Socket Problems


Just like other electrical devices, power sockets also experience danger signs to show whether they’re in need of fixing or replacing. As such, be sure to remember the following to diagnose common power socket issues:

  • Check Your Power Sockets Regularly

One way to maintain your power sockets is by regularly checking for any buzzing sounds, sizzling, excessive heat, and even scorch marks. For enhanced accuracy, you can try making use of a voltage tester.

If you face any of the problems mentioned, contact a professional socket to do a power socket replacement or repair immediately.

  • Inspect Your Sockets’ Electrical Wiring

Power sockets can stop working due to electrical wiring mistakes or bad wiring. As such, always make sure to inspect your electrical wiring should your power sockets fail to work as needed. If you see any wiring problems, contact a professional electrician to conduct an electrical wiring repair or replacement.



Engaging a professional electrician to resolve issues with your power socket can help you much more as compared to doing the needed repairs yourself. In that case, we highly recommend that you contact Everyworks Singapore. Our team of professionals can see to it that any power socket problems you have are immediately resolved. Moreover, they can conduct other electrical works which you might require such as a light switch repair or light installation. For more info on their cost, be sure to check our price list.


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