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Why You Should Choose to Install Dimmer Light Switches

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A dimmer light switch is considered as one of the best switches for your home light installations due to its various enhanced features. In addition, they allow you to have better control over its functions when compared to most installed light switch. In fact, you can even set your home’s brightness at any level you want.

Despite the benefits that a dimmer light switch can bring, many hesitate to install a dimmer switch in their home. As most lack of proper understanding on its functions and costs, we have listed and explained some reasons for why you should have a professional electrician install a dimmer switch, the different dimmer switch types, and a number of tips when it comes to installing dimmer switches.


Why You Should Install A Dimmer Light Switch


Aside from their distinct design, dimmer switches are well known for the following benefits they bring:


They Are Very Affordable To Purchase and Replace

Although dimmer light switches have much more modern features compared to most light switches, their prices remain affordable. For example, anyone can buy a Philips light switch for as low as $23.00. You can also replace your light for a low price in case they experience any common light switch issues.


They Are Extremely Easy To Use And Are Efficient

Dimmer light switches are extremely easy to configure thanks to their simple design. Moreover, their enhanced features make them extremely efficient to use. As a result, you don’t have to worry about learning how to use and configure it.


They Allow You To Easily Adjust Voltage Output

Unlike most light switches, dimmer models do not just turn your home’s light installations on and off. As it happens, they enable you to adjust the amount of voltage your light installations use. Therefore, you can adjust your home’s brightness level however you want as well as avoid high electric bills.


They Can Be Set Up Anywhere


Many light switches are only meant to be used for specific room types. Fortunately, a dimmer light switch can be installed by a reliable electrical contractor wherever you like. This allows your home to have an updated look and prevents the need to choose different light switches for each room.


They Protect Your Eyesight More

One common light installation problem faced by many homeowners is the excessive brightness that certain bulbs emit. Besides that, many lack vital adjustment functions. Luckily, using a dimmer light solves this problem since you can set your desired level of brightness. That way, you can protect your eyesight much more.


They Are Readily Available and Cost-effective

As is the case with certain socket and light installations, many homeowners are forced to struggle with light switches which constantly face issues and do not work as needed. Dimmer models however are unlikely to cause you these problems due to their optimal performance and their high durability. Moreover, having them maintained by light switch services is extremely cost-effective.


They Allow Your Home To Have A Lighter Ambience


Many times, installed lights can be either frustratingly dim or irritatingly glaring. A lot of homeowners are only able to mitigate this problem by replacing their light switches with a newer model. But by installing a dimmer light switch, you can ensure that your home has a more comfortable atmosphere since you can control your bulbs’ brightness in any way you need.


They Can Make Your Bulbs Last Longer

Some bulb or lighting fixtures tend to burn out over time due to being unable to adjust the amount of voltage they output. Dimmer light switches can help you avoid this problem since they allow you to conserve the voltage your bulbs consume.


They Consume Less Power

As mentioned previously, dimmer light switches contain functions which enable you to decrease your light bulb’s voltage consumption. Because of this, you’ll be able to save electricity and avoid high power bills. Moreover, you’ll be able to better afford any needed electrical switch services in the future.


Dimmer Switch Types


Besides those of different colors, many different light switch types are available for purchase. Some of these include the following:


Analog Dimmer Switch

This is considered as the most standard type of dimmer light switch and transports voltage to the LED light driver in order to adjust brightness levels.


Digital Dimmer

Whereas analog dimmer switches transport  to the LED driver, digital models make use of signals in order to control its response. These usually contain much more high-end functions and are adjusted through a digital layout. Furthermore, they don’t require as much electrical works and maintenance to be done on them like analog switches.


Circular/rotary Dimmer


Rotary dimmer switches are among the older dimmer switch types, having been in use since the 1970s (around the same time the BS 4343 power sockets/power points debuted). Most simply consist of a dial which used to control brightness output. Although other models also contain a push button which enables you to simply power on your light bulb installations.


Toggle Touch Dimmer

On the surface, a toggle-touch dimmer switch merely looks like your typical on and off switch. As a matter of fact, it contains tiny touch tabs which you can use to adjust how bright you want your lights to be. That way, you can prevent your circuit breaker from overloading.


Touch Style Dimmer


This dimmer switch type can be easily installed by any electrical contractor and enables you to adjust your light bulbs’ brightness just with your finger alone. Some versions even contain updated features such as a delay function and scenery option. So call an electrician if you want to have one set up in your office or home.


Dimmer Switch Installation Tips

When installing a dimmer switch, always remember to keep the following electrical installation safety tips in mind:

  • Use The Correct Ballast: When installing an electrical switch and socket, it’s important that you use a special dimmer ballast instead of a standard fluorescent ballast. By doing so, you can prevent your light bulb from experiencing a power trip once it’s turned on.
  • Use The Proper Cable: In order for your light bulbs to turn on, they need to have proper communication with the switch. This can be disrupted if you use the wrong cable when conducting a light or power switch installation. As such, do not forget to make use of the proper cable so that you can avoid issues such as a power trip which can lead to an electrical switch/socket shock.
  • Follow Necessary Precautions: Setting up a light switch involves various complicated wiring procedures. Thus, it is necessary to follow the precautions to avoid damage which will require an electrical wiring repair or replacement. Otherwise, call a professional electrician to help you out.



Overall, setting up a dimmer light switch in your home provides many advantages which other light switches are unable to give. In addition, they are very affordable to purchase and can be replaced easily. So if you want a dimmer switch installed, make sure to contact Everyworks Singapore. Our crew of experienced and licensed electricians can render you assistance so that your switch is set up in the most efficient manner. View our price list for more information on our servicing costs.


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